Breakdown (2020) torrent download



Horror / Thriller



A mysterious virus has wiped out much of the worlds population, with the remaining sick being corralled in quarantine zones, as one man fights to find a cure to save humanity, and himself.

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by orionhi 1 /10

Absolute garbage

The main character appears to have never acted before. Terrible actor. You get the pleasure of watching this slob eats spam for 5 minutes for no other reason than to make the movie longer. No plot. Special effects look like the loser of a grade school Halloween contest did it. It is unbelievable that a movie like this was even made.

Reviewed by cdnkelly-52977 1 /10

Move along, nothing to see here....

Not worth it, even if it's free. No acting, no nothing, highschool level film. I still don't understand how people get funding for these films.

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