Kaamelott: First Installment (2021) torrent download

Kaamelott: First Installment


Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy



The sequel on the big screen to the cult series of Alexandre Astier, an offbeat version of the legend of the Knights of the Round Table. Hidden in Rome, King Arthur plans his comeback to oppose the army of his former friend Lancelot.


Alexandre Astier
as Arthur Pendragon
Lionnel Astier
as Léodagan de Carmélide
Audrey Fleurot
as Viviane, la Dame du Lac
Anne Girouard
as Guenièvre
Thomas Cousseau
as Lancelot du Lac
Franck Pitiot
as Perceval de Galles
Jean-Christophe Hembert
as Karadoc de Vannes

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kassdhal 10 /10

A very worthwhile addition to the TV show

Is it as perfect as the memory of a great TV show wazs? No. But is it a great movie in its own rights for lovers of Arthur and the Chevaliers? Yes.

In a nutshell, this is enjoyable and a great start of a trilogy. Astier delivers in the mood and spirit of the past stories with good additions.

Obviously there are a number of coincidences but the humour is there and the stories picks up where it left at the end of Season 5.

Very good addition to Astier's world.

Reviewed by kyrross 6 /10

A shy attempt to follow the serie

I love the serie... but this movie try to tell a story and insert joke here and there, without ever truly committing to the movie format. It dragged some scene and include a backstory for no reason. It is darker than it suppose to be and we exit the theatre wondering 'what did i just watch?". I laughed a few time but as much as would have expected. Some people in the theatre didnt know the serie and left. I dont understand the praise.. It is not bad but not as good as the critics told me. A lighter tone would have helped.

Reviewed by Aatchoum 1 /10

With a good ad they can sell anything

Noisy, not funny at all and boring. You will not believe me but so much waste of energy and talent of good actors (and the Kaamelott series on TV is often brilliant) is not worth wasting your time and money. It's not a comedy, it's not a tragedy, it's nothing. The screenwriter, the dialogue writer and the director forgot to put themselves in the spectator's shoes. You have been warned. Run away. And in principle do not come back for part two because they took the same and continued.

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