Scavengers (2021) torrent download



Drama / Horror / Thriller



Ben, a senior in high school, finds a paper clue leading to the wilderness surrounding his town. He teams up with his best friends who experience the hunt with him as things get dark.


Giovanni Jennings

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rockofcarol 1 /10


Not even worth the one star. The acting is horrible, the story is stupid.

Reviewed by naomi-49524 10 /10

Best 45mins of my life!

This movie was so good!! I did find it a little scary but the dinner with the main character made up for it:) the cinematography was so riveting! I loved seeing the gorgeous of the Issaquah area! I love it when that area of Washington gets the glory it deserves.

Reviewed by gfoxx-1 1 /10

Awful, don't waste your time!

Lame story and awful acting! Don't waste 46 minutes of your life watching this like I made the mistake of doing. The only positive thing about it is the nice scenery.

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