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Following the death of a co-worker, a young woman working for a private airline learns the owner's secret and becomes the next target.

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Reviewed by lavatch N/A

"I'm Tired of Being a Victim"

"Mile High Escorts" (a.k.a., "Secrets in the Air") is a cautionary tale about victimhood. As Lauren is struggling to make ends meet as a part-time flight attendant, she decides to take a job as an elite flight "concierge." The job description: "destination dates."

The concierge work includes offering hospitality and creature comforts to male clients as part of a high-priced small jet operation shuttling the clients primarily between the United States and Europe. Lauren and her bestie Ashley are recruited by the "madam" Hannah, who introduces them to Andrew, the head of the operation.

Andrew is a kind employer who has a generous set of ground rules for his employees. His goal is to create "a safe, empowering, and lucrative environment." But when his maniacal son Eric murders his father and takes over the operation, Lauren will now be subjected to potential abuse and exploitation.

After falling in love with Thomas, one of her clients, Lauren wants to get out of the concierge work. But the paranoid Eric is afraid she may turn him into the police, so Lauren becomes expendable.

The best scene in the film was when Hannah stood up to Eric and put him in his place. Unfortunately, for Hannah, she is killed by Eric, but not before recording a video to warn Lauren, whom she has come to know as a daughter.

The closing scenes were highly melodramatic guns and daggers drawn in an airport hanger. "Mile High Secrets" did not have a romantic ending like "Casablanca." Rather, it was a stretch to somehow believe that Lauren found the overall experience "empowering." As in one of Frank Sinatra's famous songs, Lauren admits that through all the pain and suffering, she is proud that she did it "her way."

Reviewed by burlesonjesse5 5 /10

VIEWS ON FILM review of Mile High Escorts

"We don't come looking for them, they come looking for us". Ah, sounds like someone is persuading someone else to sell their sleek body for a little ready money.

Anyway, Mile High Escorts is my latest write-up. It's about a young woman and her friend who take jobs at an escort service only to find out that the owner of said service is a workmanlike killer. Oh and private jet departures to Paris (and back) are involved.

Mile High Escorts should not be confused with Deadly Mile High Club except for the fact that they are both Lifetime endeavors. They also both have mediocre hammy acting, squat production values, and some signature campy residue. The funniest thing about "Escorts" minus its desperate title, is that during the female companion flights you never see a freaking pilot. Automatic perhaps? Uh I don't think so.

Mile High Escorts which does contain a few tense moments, never quite "takes off" as a hokey thriller (ha-ha). The film putts around while globetrotting through Kentucky, Michigan, Maine, France, and Amsterdam (sans a few aerial shots, everything was probably shot on one location).

"Escorts" takes a while to unfold and when it does, everything feels a little anti-climatic and blase. Basically the flick trades dramatic momentum and pimped seriousness for kooky dialogue exchanges and pretty faces. Heck, besides a few smooches, some flattery, some wine and dine, and some Brut champagne, there isn't really any "mile highness" involved (that means hanky-panky on a plane, duh).

"Escorts", with its characters beamed across the Atlantic in true "where no man has gone before" approach, concludes with a small twist and murders by way of stabbings, shootings, and head trauma. And in veracious Lifetime fashion, everything turns out okay about six months later. Yup, it's fille de joie minus the "fill". Rating: 2 stars.

Reviewed by haroot_azarian N/A


Yet another movie promoting the degrading of women. Absolutely disgusting!!!!! The idea that women would do anything for money seems like a popular subject with LMN script writers! So Lauren is hungry for money and her friend Ashley loves to screw around for money!!!

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