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Haley and Nick Downes are a happy, successful young couple expecting with their first baby, but when Nick's father dies unexpectedly, his estranged sister Zara suddenly shows up to town with a diabolical plan to make the baby, and their father's fortune, all her own. —The Ninth House


Jake Helgren


Andrea Bowen
as Haley Downes
Lydia Hearst
as Zara Downes
Brando Eaton
as Nick Downes
Diora Baird
as Callie Hayes

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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 4 /10

Watchable, but generic and predictable thriller...

I had the chance to sit down and watch the 2020 thriller "Psycho Sister-In-Law" (aka "Sinister Sister") here in 2021. I hadn't heard about the movie prior to watching, so I only know what I was in for a thriller. But the movie's synopsis actually sounded okay.

Writer and director Jake Helgren did manage to put together a movie that was watchable, no doubt about that. But "Psycho Sister-In-Law" suffers from being a generic thriller. Jake Helgren seemed to simply cash in on all the stereotypical and generic tropes that makes a thriller. So the movie here didn't really differentiate itself from numerous other thrillers similar to it. In fact, it seemed like Jake Helgren was running things on auto-pilot, so it was bit of a stale and bland movie experience.

The storyline told in "Psycho Sister-In-Law" was adequate, although it was generic. And you knew the very outcome of the movie from the moment the movie started, so there was that, yeah, it was that predictable and generic.

The acting performances in the movie were adequate, although there weren't any particular outstanding performances. With that being said, don't get me wrong, because the actors and actresses did good enough jobs, they were just hindered by a generic and predictable script.

Ultimately then "Psycho Sister-In-Law" is a watchable, although rather forgettable thriller. And if you do enjoy thrillers, then it is doubtful that this 2020 movie from writer and director Jake Helgren will impress you much.

My rating of "Psycho Sister-In-Law" lands on a four out of ten stars.

Reviewed by lavatch N/A

The Downes Legacy

Nick and Haley Downes are expecting their first baby when Nick's father Gavin suddenly and unexpectedly dies. The males in the Downes family see themselves as a dynasty, and now the bulk of the estate will pass to Nick. But the return of Nick's step-sister Zara Downs portends trouble, especially since the woman claiming to be Zara has just killed a fellow actress in Las Vegas.

There was a tawdry element to "Psycho Sister-in-Law" (a.k.a., "Sinister Sister") as the revelation emerges that "Zara" is in fact a woman named Ronnie. The real Zara (or Amelia) was clearly a better actress than Ronnie, and Zara was murdered out of jealous rage. With the death of Gavin Downes, Ronnie now hustles her way from Las Vegas to L. A. to claim Zara's legacy and also a share in Haley's baby!

The sordid details are apparent in the actions of the imposter, as Ronnie becomes more and more desperate and dangerous. She murders the kind gay attorney Turner, hoping to get closer to becoming executor of the Downes estate. Then, she has to deal with her sleazy boyfriend Reid, who shows up unexpectedly at the Downes mansion. When Reid tries to blackmail Ronnie, she applies the garrote to his neck, and Reid makes his exit from the screenplay.

One of the most interesting characters in the film was Callie Hayes, who was Gavin's fiancée. Callie was only left a cash bequest in Gavin's will, and at the beginning, she had a clear motivation to commit mischief. But there was an arc of development in Callie's character in which she kicked the booze and became a kind and loyal supporter of Nick and Haley. For her efforts, Callie pays the ultimate price at the hands of the deranged Ronnie.

While the performances were workmanlike and there was interesting location filming on the grounds of the posh Downes estate, the dramatic tension seemed uneven as the only question that persisted was why Haley was so slow in recognizing the phony and malevolent acts of Ronnie.

The climactic scene seemed especially clumsy in both the choreography and the dialogue. Inexplicably, Ronnie "excused" Haley's besties, Roz and Lydia, as the baby shower was in progress. The two besties stand up and awkwardly exit from the scene.

There was never any doubt that the Downes legacy would remain intact. The only question was when the sinister stepsister would finally be unmasked by the naive and slow-thinking husband and wife.

Reviewed by nightroses 2 /10


The film was wooden. There was nice but dim pregnant woman and her thick husband, airhead stepmother-to-be and widow. The sister-in-law is her thicko husband's long lost sister. No one ever considered to check her background, documents or birth certificate but took her on board. And why are they living in a Mount Olympus type abode instead of a normal house? None of the characters behave like real people, and they're all extremely stupid.

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