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Killer Prom





After losing her mother in an accident, a teenager and her father welcome a distant cousin into their home. Hoping to claim the family as her own, the psychopath hatches a devious plan to recreate the prom she never experienced.


Alexandre Carrière


Yvonne Zima
as Sienna Lawton
Mark Lutz
as Tony Wilson
Erica Anderson
as Maya Wilson
Manny Benda
as Luke Wilson
Kyle Meagher
as Jake Davis
Megan Vincent
as Hannah Wilson
Gabriel Darku
as Tyler McNichol

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phd_travel 6 /10

A very obvious story

A crazy cousin is the wacko here. Prom is not the main plot. The cousin quickly kills her cousin and comes to stay with the family if the deceased looking after the hubby and kids. Yvonne Zima stars as the wacko. Obvious story. Everything is clearly spelt out. Okay way she cleara her path. Ending isn't too far out. A relaxing watch.

Reviewed by lavatch N/A

Prom Fixation Formula Film

Ever since high school, Sienna Lawton was envious of Hannah, who was the belle of the ball at senior prom when Sienna was a sophomore. Hannah went on to marry Dr. Tony Wilson, a distinguished cardiologist.

For years, Sienna was seething with jealousy. Then, she acted on her sick impulses. Hannah met a watery death when Sienna pushed her over overboard knowing that Hannah could not swim. Later, Sienna tried to explain: "I didn't mean to push her!"

"Killer Prom" is a by-the-numbers formula film about a crazed obsessive-compulsive who worms her way into the life of the Wilsons. After the death of Hanna, Sienna lies about trying to get a realtor's license and moves in with the family. She administers a roofie to the nice nanny, Janet, who is subsequently fired for drunkenness. She also murders Dr. Wilson's loyal assistant Lauren because she fears competition.

Sienna has a special place in her deranged mind for the wonders of prom night. She goes through an elaborate ritual to set up the grand moment when she will become Mrs. Tony Wilson in an improvised prom setting.

But it is the perceptive daughter Maya who first gets wise to Sienna's game. Maya shrewdly phones Sienna's mother, Dorothy Lawton, and discovers that Sienna was always jealous of Hannah. The heroic Maya then alters her plans on prom night to rescue her dad from the evil clutches of Sienna.

One of the more interesting characters was Jake, the date of Maya on prom night. Jake selflessly supports Maya in discovering the truth about Sienna. Despite the routine nature of the film, the cast was great with all of the actors delivering convincing performances.

At least the filmmakers devised one of the most unorthodox prom nights imaginable that occurred at the Wilson residence courtesy of Miss Sienna Lawton.

Reviewed by ks-60500 3 /10

Crazy woman

To sum up the movie, it's just a story of a woman who is crazy for everything. Let's take the crazy lady as the center of the story, but her acting just cannot make me enjoy the movie and story just crazy bad......

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