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Into the Arms of Danger





Two paramedics arrive at the site of a car accident to transport an injured teenage girl to the hospital. However, instead of taking her to the hospital, the strangers bring her to a home of a woman whose daughter just died.

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Reviewed by lavatch N/A

Ambulance Chasers

"Into the Arms of Danger" was an unpleasant and flawed film. The conceit of the film is that of case studies of two helicopter mothers, one a study in good and the other in evil.

Laurie "Lifetime" Fortier, one of our favorite actresses, plays the good mom. Fortier's character of Laura Monroe is overprotective yet still deeply devoted to the well-being of her daughter Jenny. By contrast, the evil smother mother known only as "Momma" is a psychopath who has murdered her own daughter, then co-opts her two spineless sons to impersonate medical staff, drive an ambulance to a woman in distress, and kidnap her to be held hostage as the surrogate daughter for Momma.

The film was so dismal that the most likeable character, Drake, a musician who befriends Jenny and assists in her rescue, is brutally murdered by Momma's sadistic son Clyde. The quick-thinking Drake used his audio technology to learn that a train passed close by the home where Jenny was held captive. When he locates the home, Drake makes the mistake of trying to free Jenny on his own, and he pays the ultimate price.

When Jenny was finally freed, a major lapse in the screenplay was in the failure of either Jenny or Laura to be curious about the whereabouts of Drake. Not only does his character die in the film, but he does not even get a passing posthumous thought from the young woman he admired.

The film struggled to depict the contrast of a "troubled home" versus a "loving environment" for the respective kids. It was obvious that Laura was a great mom and Momma was a sick smother-mother.

When young Jenny begins her studies at Wildwood Park College, it is likely that her declared major will be deviant psychology. After all, she already has an event that would be the basis for her senior project.

Reviewed by aprilsfriendorin 7 /10

Very Good for a Lifetime Movie

Please note that my review is judging this film in the context of Lifetime movies, not movies in general (otherwise it would receive around a 3). If you enjoy cheesy Lifetime movies or are just looking for something entertaining to pass the time, this is a good choice. The premise (a young girl is kidnapped and taken to the home of an insane woman who misses her daughter) is definitely interesting. The acting isn't the best, but the plot is captivating enough and contains some pretty mature themes that makes this film stand out from other, more generic Lifetime movies.

Reviewed by scriabin17 6 /10

Not so bad but not great!

The plot was a little far fetched but the story once you got into it tracked well and they tied up any loose ends. Better than many Lifetime movies. Cathy Moriarty was a little over the top playing to a supporting cast as Momma which were many unknowns..

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