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Zeros and Ones


Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller / War



JJ is a soldier who's been tasked with preventing an imminent terrorist threat to the Vatican. While he's in Rome, though, he is also eager on finding his anarchist brother, a political prisoner who may or may not already be dead. In addition there's an obvious race against time and plenty of enemies. —Frank Liesenborgs

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Reviewed by celt007 1 /10

Tried to watch and like

This movie is tedious and very hard to understand .

The film is dark grainy and odd.

It is so confusing Ethan Hawke hops on at the end to try to explain what he thinks it means.

King Of New York the only movie this director has made that is watchable .

The movie is art and it is made to make you think ...

I mean we could analyze the heck out of it to see if it really is some kind masterpiece or something that 20 years from now will be considers as such or we can forget it ... I choose to forget it .

Reviewed by jcriche 3 /10

What to say....

I really have no idea wtf this movie was about tbh.

The Prelog by Ethan seemed to be offer some light into what this is about and what we should expect, sadly it didn't deliver, it's a bunch of obscure scenes most of which have very poor lighting, trying to be atmospheric, incoherently edited together, and sadly it fails.

At the end Ethan does a monologue and the look on his face says it all to be honest he looks utterly confused and seems lost for words.

At the end I was left feeling, what have I just spent the last hour and a half watching, other than weird, obscure, self indulgent for the director only nonsense.

Reviewed by teutonfirst 1 /10

Below zero

Shaky camera, blurry image, Ethan Hawk, with a mask, more shaky camera, sometimes unfocused, darker image, filming without purpose, or on some objective, more blurry image, then BAM! Car lights, then darkness, unfocused image, and goes on like that till the end, when the big secret is revealed, director was high. The end.

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