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Noah's Shark


Action / Adventure / Horror



A fame-seeking televangelist and his film crew team set out to find the fabled Noah's Ark, but discover it is guarded by both an ancient curse and a prehistoric great white shark.

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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 1 /10

Horrible shark movie...

Right, well I knew this movie was going to be bad. But still, I opted to sit down and watch what writer John Oak Dalton and director Mark Polonia had to offer with the 2021 movie titled "Noah's Shark". And sure, while the title is bad, it was still a fun pun on Noah's ark.

And the movie's cover was actually looking fun enough, so there might be an odd chance that the movie would be one of those shark movie that are so bad that they actually become fun and enjoyable to watch. But no. "Noah's Shark" was not one such movie.

"Noah's Shark" is a downright horrible movie and a laughable attempt at making a shark movie. I didn't even make it halfway through before I gave up on this stinker of a movie. Yeah, the storyline was that bad, and the effects were that bad. And not even bad in a fun way. No, just pure and simply bad. Just what was writer John Oak Dalton thinking when sitting down to write the script and plot for this movie?

The movie's cover/poster was actually the best thing about the entire ordeal.

I was not familiar with a single actor or actress that performed in the movie, nor had I been missing out on a great thing here.

My rating of "Noah's Shark" lands on a one out of ten stars. There are lots of bad shark movies out there, but "Noah's Shark" floats right to the top five of bad shark movies ever made.

Reviewed by kaefab 1 /10

what is this world coming too

My god i cannot start to say how bad that movie was.... why even bother producing such a bad bad bad movie with hyper bad FX zero talent so called actors.

Avoid at all cost.

Reviewed by deafo 1 /10

Amateur film maker and actors...

Guess my title have said enough. My kids can do better at home with Adobe After Effects.

It is just not worth watching their home-like video show and fall asleep right from the start.

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