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A Deadly Lullaby


Drama / Thriller



After losing her child, Olivia Davis meets a woman and her daughter and admiration turns into obsession.


Robert Malenfant

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Reviewed by lavatch N/A

The Vital Importance of Latching

An important detail is revealed in a conversation about mothering between the two vulnerable women, and the scene is at the very heart of this drama. Olivia Davis, who lost her baby Chloe while still on her birthing bed, has found that her life has been revivified by spending time with little Chloe, the baby of Brooke Wilson. In an intimate moment, Brooke tells Olivia that Chloe had difficulty in "latching" during the breast-feeding process, resulting in the use of the bottle. The insecure Brooke even consulted a latching specialist to no avail. The underlying importance of latching is central to understanding the mystery of what happened at the hospital when Olivia and Brooke gave birth to baby girls at almost exactly the same moment.

"A Mother Knows Worst" (a.k.a., "A Deadly Lullaby") maintains good dramatic tension and a brisk pace throughout the film. It would appear that Olivia has become obsessed with little Chloe and may be stalking the Wilson family. But even darker forces are at work in this harrowing tale of two mothers.

The secondary characters were especially well-developed, including the devoted husband Harry, who remains steadfast in his love for Olivia. Then, there is Glenn Wilson, who offers Harry a job in his accounting firm after the tragedy of losing his child. Ironically, Harry discovers a $50,000 accounting error that discloses a curious transaction on the island of Santo Enrique, which will contain the key clue to a secret payout.

Another interesting character is Nurse Nancy, who was the sole medical practitioner on duty when the two babies, Chloe and Sienna, were alone in the nursery. Nancy may hold the secrets to a dastardly plot involving a switheroo and a changeling child.

The film's denouement was overly smarmy with Brooke and Olivia laughing and hugging at an outdoor barbeque. The very pregnant Brooke has just latched on to "Rob" in a whirlwind romance, and she is excited about her upcoming shotgun wedding. Given the wrenching melodramatic action that preceded this scene, the uplifting ending seemed slightly excessive. Brooke's focus should have been on latching, not laughing!

Reviewed by haroot_azarian 6 /10

Pretty good

I am a Katie Leclerc fan. Overall good movie with a good plot and acting. The only flaw I thought was when someone dies in any hosital (especially babies) an autopsy is carried out. The blood test would have shown the baby was not theirs!

Reviewed by CranberriAppl N/A

Decent thriller to start...trash ending

So the person forcing themselves on a couple and their new baby ends up not being the "ill" one? Right..sure. We're supposed to buy that the main character, in spite of overstepping all kinds of boundaries, is actually not a bad person, bc of SPOILER ALERT.....reasons. Please! I was actually into this movie until I saw what was happening. Her behavior which concerned both her husband and best friend ended up being no big deal. NEVER ONCE did we see her "connecting" with the baby. We saw her doing things with someone else's (presumed) child that she had no business doing, and that is not ok!

Lifetime needs to do better. Their "gotchas" rarely work. Olivia and Nancy have VERY different body types and it was so clearly OLIVIA'S actress (or stunt double) that attacked the nanny...all so Lifetime could try to throw us off. So obvious and cringey.

I started FF'ing in the last half hour. This movie would have been much better had it been a poor man's version of The Hand That Rocks the Cradle right til the end.

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