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Film follows a group into Syria's Al-Hol, a dangerous camp in the Middle East, as they risk their lives to save a women being held by ISIS as abducted sex slaves.


Hogir Hirori

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Reviewed by sweidman-28016 8 /10

Extremely Hard Watch

Sabaya is an extremely hard watch. The documentary follows a group into Syria's Al-Hol, a dangerous camp in the Middle East, as they risk their lives to save a women being held by ISIS as abducted sex slaves. What the movie excels in is the use of no interviews. It follows the events as they rescue these women. The structure does get repetitive after a while, but it works. We hear these horrible stories from the women. It's extremely heart-breaking. It captures everything all so well, but this is extremely hard to watch. Grading something like this is difficult. I think this is well made but it's also a real downer. If you're up to it, Sabaya is one to look for.

Reviewed by denis-23791 8 /10

Inspiring bravery in disturbing circumstances

Very thrilling and touching depiction of the incredibly dire situation of 2.000 missing women and girls and the brave work of female volunteers and male supporters collaborating with the security police of the largest ISIS prisoner camp to locate and free enslaved women and girls. Very important film to shed light on the gruesome consequences of ISIS and a great inspiration to never give up fighting for a just cause.

Reviewed by EamonTracyCritic 10 /10

The most riveting documentary maybe ever

Hogir Hirori edits and films the harrowing rescues of women trafficked for sex and slavery by members of ISIS. The women are Yazidis, a Kurdish minority group who have been displaced by the Iraq War. Some women are being held in the Al-Hol refugee camp/prison which is overloaded with people and the guarding Syrian Defense Army is either useless or getting a payoff to ignore the atrocities inside.

"Sabaya" is what ISIS or Daesh call their sex slaves. Yazidis aren't practicing Muslims, but their monotheistic religion goes back to ancient Mesopotamia. There's plenty of horror stories discussed but the genocide in the Sinjar province, where ISIS killed thousands of men and kidnapped scores of women, severely impacted almost every person in this feature. Without the 2003 Invasion of Iraq, there'd be no ISIS.

Every subject's identity is protected and the men rescuing the women are simply referred to as "the infiltrators." In the beginning, they send an undercover woman in to help get information to secure the escape of a young woman. Director Hirori continues to interview the young woman and over time, she seems to be healing from the past wounds. There are car chases, shootouts, massive fires, and remarkable Syrian sunsets while survivors detail their traumatic experiences.

206 Yazidi women have been rescued by their organization called the Yazidi Home Center which is based in Syria. Not only does the Home Center have to fear retaliation from ISIS, but they're also close to an active war zone involving several Nations and ethnic groups. While the word hero gets thrown around way too often, these men are the epitome of one

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