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Biography / Drama / History



A 17th-century nun in Italy suffers from disturbing religious and erotic visions. She is assisted by a companion, and the relationship between the two women develops into a romantic love affair.


Paul Verhoeven


Virginie Efira
as Sœur Benedetta Carlini
Charlotte Rampling
as Mère Felicita
Daphne Patakia
as Bartolomea
Olivier Rabourdin
as Alfonso Cecchi
Louise Chevillotte
as Sœur Christina
Hervé Pierre
as Paolo Ricordati

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 9 /10

Witch Religion

The line between good and bad, pure and evil is so thin ... you don't always realize you crossed it. Or in this case a character. And when I say character I mean "historical figure". In a sense - and let me be clear, I was not aware (nor am I after watching the movie I dare say) of the real Benedetta.

Paul Verhoeven likes to provoke and I am certain he did change quite a few things surrounding the ... "myth"(?) of our titular character. Take that with a grain of salt ... or a Jesus on a cross for that matter (pun very much intended and if that offends you - well you better not watch the movie, unless you like getting angry and upset of course).

There is some violence and blood, though the most cruel and "hurtful" scene happens off camera ... still just the thought of it ... and that I believe is something that did happen back then - probably exactly like that. Not spoiling anything by saying that - and also not spoiling anything by saying there is quite a lot of nudity in this. It's Paul Verhoeven, what did you expect? Kudos to the actresses and their more than brave performances (with or without clothes - excellently played).

The cast in general can be showered in praise. The costumes, make up effects, cinematography and sound design are working hand in hand, to bring you back .. so you feel like you are part of that timeline. A really tough story and one with a weird main character ... can we actually sympathize with her? I think if anything we are rooting more for her "lover" ... that being said, the movie is quite critical of almost everyone - but mainly the church. Sometimes subtle, sometimes openly going after things that were practised back in the day ... also how the public perceives things can be a good or a bad thing ... but we knew that - didn't we? And with that I say ... "enjoy" - and believe whatever you want to believe!

Reviewed by rubenm 5 /10

Sex. Religion. Power.

Sex. Religion. Power. With these three ingredients in a movie, you can't go wrong. In 'Benedetta', the combination is the basis for a compelling story. Pretending to be miraculously blessed by God, the nun Benedetta starts a ruthless power struggle in her convent, meanwhile not holding back in fulfilling her carnal desires.

Instead of turning his attention on the person Benedetta, her motives and her psychology, director Paul Verhoeven takes the easy road. He is much more interested in her body than her mind. Female nudity is abundant and most of the nuns are pretty and sensual. There is also a lot of violence, because Benedetta has disturbing dreams and visions, resulting in some scenes that are completely over the top. The much written-about dildo, made out of a small statue of the virgin Mary, makes one doubt how seriously the film should be taken. Verhoeven doesn't miss any opportunity to please a thrill-seeking audience, instead of challenging his viewers. The story contains interesting elements, worth exploring, such as the contrast between Benedetta, who is well educated, and her lover Bartolomea, a peasant girl who can't read or write. But the only thing Verhoeven focuses on, is their mutual sexual attraction.

Don't get me wrong. Benedetta is a very entertaining film. It is exciting from start to finish and doesn't contain any dull moment. This is a film made by a craftsman who knows how to please an audience. But personally, I think the story could have been dealt with in a different way. Verhoeven's film is a succession of spectacular events, filmed in a spectacular way. I would have liked it more if it had been a bit less explicit, and more understated. But of course, understatement has never been one of Verhoeven's strong points.

Reviewed by lareval 8 /10

Verhoeven is back

Paul Verhoeven is one of those directors whose movies are not the kind you often see in a multiplex. After cult classics such as 'RoboCop', 'Total Recall' or 'Basic Instinct' he kept a not so huge profile in business. And now we have him back with 'Benedetta'. An erotic drama, sometimes funny, fairly provocative and always engaging. The chemistry between the leads sell completely the movie, so the fact they are risky enough to perform nude and sex scenes the way they do. I was invested during the movie and instead of getting weaker, its strengh was growing during its runtime. The ending is climatic and earned. And you know the script was good when the Seeds of doubt regarding the trust in the belief and visions that Benedetta is experiencing are so well developed that you keep questioning yourself with the events the movie unfolds. Highly recommended and best Verhoeven movie in quité some time.

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