Angus Benfield


Keith Austring
as Daniel Rainwater
Lisa Carey
as Sarah Rainwater
Chelsea Bennett
as Lea Rainwater
Lachlan smith
as Johnah Rainwater

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by digiteum 10 /10

A man loses everything and learns to trust God, then his life is restored

Have you ever lost everything, or gone through a dip, where nothing appears to be working out? Is that life? It happens to us all, but can we really thank God when things are not working out at all.

This film helps us to put it in perspective - certainly worth watching, particularly if you need a buzz.

Reviewed by ebenbanban 10 /10

A fun ride with its deep message for our faith

It's hard to put trust in God and accept that it's all His plan if we're going through like this man or Job. This film is beautifully made for this. It's a standard film with beautiful shots and natural acting. I'm very satisfied and blessed I watch this, and so excited to see next Angus Benfield's film.

Reviewed by Hounddog777 1 /10

Not Real Life

This movie is not even close to real life. A cheating wife of a husband decides to go slutting on her faithful husband and she just says that she is sorry and everything is OK? A woman betrays her husband, her wedding vows, accepts what satan has to offer, sex with a rich man, in a setting overlooking a valley as if satan is saying follow me and all this is yours, and she accepts the invitation. As a man, the marriage needs to be annulled, because it will not work down the road. She committed the ultimate betrayal and there is accountability and consequences for it. Can she be forgiven, yes, but she does not escape God's consequences. Every time that husband looks at her, he will see her in her lover's lap or the lover on top of her, without getting any more descriptive, you get the picture. It will fester and explode down the road. Dump her and move on because it will be a disaster later! Not reality

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