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The Book of Vision


Drama / Mystery



Eva, a promising young doctor, leaves her brilliant career to study History of Medicine in a remote university. Now is the time for her to call everything into question: her nature, her body, her illness, and her sealed fate. Johan Anmuth is an 18th-century Prussian physician in perpetual conflict between the rise of rationalism and ancient forms of animism. The Book of Vision is a manuscript that sweeps these two existences up, blending them into a never-ending vortex. Far from a proper scientific text, the Book contains the hopes, fears, and dreams of more than 1800 patients. Dr. Anmuth truly knew how to listen to his patients whose spirits still wander through the pages, life and death merging in a continuous flow. The story of Anmuth and his patients inspire Eva to live her life to the fullest. Nothing expires in its time. Only what you desire is real, not merely what happens.


Carlo Shalom Hintermann

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Reviewed by aliblahblah 6 /10

Very Rococo, yet heartwarming and inspiring

THE BOOK OF VISION (2020) tells a story of love through the passage of time, with medical science's advancement as the backdrop. Due to its nature and slightly complicated arrangement of characters' relationship (mind you, the plot is interwoven between 18th century and modern days), this movie is deemed to appeal to certain audience and limited box office result. Nevertheless, Carlo Hintermann in his debut as feature film director has crafted an exquisite and thought-provoking work.

When our cinema is swamped with comic heroes, jump scares and meaningless violence, THE BOOK OF VISION is nothing but a bit of fresh air or, tell it like it is, a good 90 minutes of human emotion drama.

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