Nearly a decade after a tragic accident costs a young man his life, his sister and best friend are still peeling back the layers of grief and guilt that come with being left behind. David (Ansbach) has returned to his small town to try and sort through the decisions he needs to make in order to move on to the next stage of his life. Meanwhile, Amanda (Kalomiris) who stayed in their small town, has also been unable to move forward for entirely different reasons. Feeling trapped under the weight of her parents' grief, she also can't escape the stigma that ties her to the tragedy that turned their small town upside down. Skipping Stones deftly and beautifully explores the myriad layers of grief that come while healing from a life-altering catastrophe. —Unknown


Steven James Creazzo

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Reviewed by brandonssmith2 10 /10

This is the film every indie film maker wishes they could make.

When I first started watching this film I really didn't think that it was for me - I have to be honest. But then somewhere around the 30 minute mark I got sucked in and before I knew it the movie was over, I was stunned and I had to retrace what I had jsut seen. Yes, there are a few things here and there, but at its core this is a really well done movie. It deals well and realistically with the issues of non-military PTSD and suicide. Something that a lot of films don't do well.

The lead actor does an exceptional job making you believe him as the character, not an actor and the lead actress just keeps you glued to her. I'm not really sure what it is about her but she really could be a huge star someday if she is guided properly.

Hard to watch? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

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