Hanako is in her late twenties and is looking for stability with her man. She gets dumped instead. She begins dating. Miki studied and worked hard to get to where she is and is holding down a job. They are introduced through an intermediary man. —aghaemi


Yukiko Sode

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Reviewed by MiguelAReina 8 /10

Beautiful friendship story

A tale in reverse, in which the young woman from a good family is the one who envies the humble girl. But above all, it is a beautiful story of friendship between women. "Wherever you're from, you have great days and days that make you cry." A story of liberation in which class differences become seemingly insurmountable walls, but which can be torn down. An achievement of the director that thrills without artifice.

Reviewed by dc-breedveld 8 /10


Seen in the IFFRprogram 2021 on this title aristocrats. Great insight in classes in Japanese society in a subtle storytelling about the life of two young woman. Slowly you feel the knot of expectation and tradition getting tighter. With beautiful photography the story is told and and give life to a beautiful story

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