The Last Days of Capitalism (2020) torrent download

The Last Days of Capitalism





A man and woman begin a complex affair over 72 hours in a Las Vegas penthouse.


Adam Mervis

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by diamondintheroughfilms 9 /10

Surprisingly strong for a 2-hander

Solid writing and excellent acting make this single-set feature easily watchable. It manages to get beyond the "stage feel" too with dream-like camerawork that perfectly captures the hazy morals of Vegas. Definitely worth a look.

Reviewed by slatebook 1 /10

Any alternative ?

The previous review said "Definitely worth a look" and the author of it gives a 9 on 10 while talking about to get beyond the "stage feel". Seems very objective and honest rating, doesn't it ? So, even without watching the movie I give the lowest rating to average it. And yes, I am definitely not have a look at it. The title means as much as the term used, it is enough to avoid to be intellectually insulted.

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