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AMERICAN COUP tells the story of the first coup ever carried out by the CIA - Iran, 1953. Explores the blowback from this seminal event, as well as the coup's lingering effects on the present US-Iranian relationship. Includes a segment on the 1979 Iranian Hostage Crisis and its relation to the 1953 coup. Concludes with a section on the recent Iranian presidential election. Contains interviews with noted Middle East experts and historians and prominent public figures such as Stephen Kinzer (author, All The Shah's Men), Prof. Ervand Abrahamian, Trita Parsi, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Ted Koppel and Rep. Ron Paul of Texas. With Iranian cinematography by James Longley. —Anonymous


Joe Ayella

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Reviewed by samabc-31952 10 /10

A must see... 'imperialism'!

America's strong foundations lies in its democracy and freedom but for the rest of the world esp the developing countries it was cogitable ... this is a short encapsulation of a dark chapter of history ... it explains how Iranians began to see the US as a colonial power rather than an ally and the deep-rooted hatred for America. Wished Eisenhower had not undone what Truman had done..Truman was against Imperialism.. was it the oil money for Churchill and Eisenhower?? As Sen Ron paul too said that we interfered with an elected govt ... if Americans don't know that their own govt did harm then it's detrimental

Reviewed by pintoalk 10 /10

A must watch

Everyone should watch and understand the history the Us has had with Iran. You can then understand why they are weary of the US and it's ally Israel in wanting to wage war against Iran.

Very powerful and well done. I had no idea about the background and what we did to that country

Reviewed by heavyhitter-28598 8 /10

Worth watching

For anyone who doesn't know why the turmoil exists between our countries, I suggest u watch this. It will make you think twice about what goes on in the world not just Iran. History it full of the same story. Explorers come to some poor indigent country. Find a valued resource and take it over. It's a shame that people here have no idea of how things have developed in the Middle East, American coup does a very good job of explaining of how Iran was taken over.

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