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The Covid Killer


Crime / Horror / Thriller



Will Jordan, an incompetent detective, and his rookie partner Martina Pippen must traverse the streets of New York in a race against time to stop a serial killer who is taking advantage of Governor Cuomo's mask mandate by wearing a generic covid mask to hide his identity while he preys on the citizens of New York during the coronavirus pandemic. —Jeff Knite

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Reviewed by jmrecillas-83435 1 /10

Pure and simply garbage

As Kramer would it say it, "That's was my idea". Really, as a joke, I think that with during the pandemic we all have trurned like if we live in the Wild West... And I doesn't even live in the US. This film is a pure garbage as a film, and even as a joke doesn't work. Low budget film, amateurish photography, pathetic amateur actors and film directing.

I don't understand this kind of very low budget projects. How they get money to filming and editing it? How the get the "actors" for this kind of boring and stupid film? They do really think they gonna get some money back from this crap? What is the logic behind this kind of very low budget films? Because I don't get it. It's a way of laundry money or something like that?

Reviewed by ohbebe-65844 1 /10


These people rating this movie 10 out of 10 must be actors in this movies or friends of the director because this was the most boring movie I have seen. I like amateur films and b movies but the acting was terrible. The filming and the idea in general just aren't good. To the reviewer saying this is like Jason and Slasher movies.... drugs are bad. They must have ventured to the wrong movie review because this movie was not well made and boring to watch.

Reviewed by kcraddock-89182 1 /10

Garbage and not worth the time

A movie based on the #COVID1984 #scamdemic... DO YOUR RESEARCH! COVID19 is a fraud, leading to communist world government and this garbage movie is just conditioning the public to this nonsense plandemic with a worldwide mortality rate of 0.02% so a survival rate of 99.98%

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