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Manon of the Spring


Comedy / Drama



In this, the sequel to Jean de Florette, Manon (Beart) has grown into a beautiful young shepherdess living in the idyllic Provencal countryside. She determines to take revenge upon the men responsible for the death of her father in the first film.


Claude Berri


Yves Montand
as César Soubeyran, le Papet
Daniel Auteuil
as Ugolin Soubeyran
Emmanuelle Béart
as Manon Cadoret
Hippolyte Girardot
as Bernard Olivier, l'instituteur
Margarita Lozano
as Baptistine
Yvonne Gamy
as Delphine
Ticky Holgado
as le spécialiste du Génie rural

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DeeNine-2 10 /10

A great film

This is just as good or even better that it predecessor, Jean de Florette (1986). It is amazing how well thought out the story is. Like a Greek tragedy, everything falls into place, everything is accounted for as fate conspires with character to bring about retribution for those who did wrong.

We feel sad and sorry for Papet and Ugolin, whose weaknesses and "crimes" are so like our own.

Daniel Auteuil, who plays Ugolin, is a actor with great range and sensitivity. He is unforgettable here as a not-too-bright peasant who suffers an excruciating and hopeless case of unrequited love. And Yves Montand, who plays his uncle is flawless, like an Olivier, as he experiences a very cruel turn of fate. Emmanuelle Béart, who plays Manon, is very beautiful, but she is also strange enough to be believable in an unlikely role as a solitary shepherdess of the hills of Provence.

Claude Berri's direction is so perfectly paced, so full of attention to detail and so unobtrusive and natural that the film just seems to happen without effort. Nothing fancy, just show what needs to be seen, no more. Use no more words than necessary, but all that are necessary. It's almost like magic, how easy it looks. The scene near the end when the blind woman reveals the cruel turn of fate to Papet is exquisite in its simplicity and its effectiveness.

In a sense this movie is a throw back an earlier era in cinema when careful attention to the construction of a character-driven story was the essence of the art.

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Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 8 /10

A Good Sequel Than Needs To Be Seen With 'Jean de Florette'

This is a good sequel to "Jean de Florette" which was made earlier in the year. Both movies should be seen back-to-back to make this story complete and comprehensible. Actually, this really could be called "Jean de Florette: Part Two."

"Manon Of The Spring" features Emmanuelle Beart, who has to have one of the prettiest faces ever put on film. She plays the now-grown-up woman who gets revenge on the men who ruined her father when she was a little girl.

As in the first film, this has interesting characters. The cinematography isn't quite as striking as "Florette," but still decent. There are some neat twists at the end of the story, tying all of it together. The 113-minute film starts slowly for the first third but then picks up nicely to become a memorable story.

Remember, you shouldn't watch this film without seeing the one first.

Reviewed by Pelrad 10 /10

Your soul will be left glowing. These movies will shower you with gold.

For those of you English-only speakers who don't like sitting through foreign language films with either their dubbing or having to read subtitles, retain an open mind. Rent "Jean de Florette" and its second part "Manon of the Spring" tonight. Sit back and relax, and you will have more than just the wind knocked out of you from this cinematic masterpiece. The late Gene Siskel, bless his soul, placed these films on his top ten list for the year of 1987. The American Academy completely ignored these films; the British Academy awarded "Jean de Florette / Manon of the Spring" Best Film of the year.

You will find tears coming to your eyes simply from seeing the stunning beauty of the French countryside and the farming life. It'll make city dwellers long to breath the fresh country air! You will be captivated by all the very unique characters brilliantly portrayed by the actors. A "hunchback" played by good old Gerard Depardieu is full of love for life and his veins are afire with excitement for putting into practice some innovative ideas about farming. But, little does he know that his neighbours, pretending to be friendly, are filled with greed and jealousy, and are plotting and scheming against him behind his back. Part 1: "Jean de Florette" ends tragically, but just wait till you see the sun of justice gradually rise in Part 2: "Manon of the Spring".

At the end of "Jean de Florette", the "hunchback's" daughter overhears the neighbours talking and realises that they were scheming against their family the whole time and sabotaged their farming. In "Manon of the Spring", she has grown up, having kept to herself over the years. But she comes across farming neighbours talking about what happened in the past and she can no longer let them go unpunished. She burns up inside. What makes matters worse is that one of the neighbours that conspired against her father falls in love with her and chases her through the countryside, shouting, "Je t'aime! Je t'aime!" ("I love you! I love you!"). The film ends with a series of shocking revelations that the viewer could never have guessed. The plot comes full circle and couldn't be more ironically perfect!

Your soul will be left glowing. These movies will shower you with gold. (10 out of 10 for both films)

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