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Seduction & Snacks


Comedy / Romance



Claire is the kind of woman who knows she doesn't want kids, but when she meets a guy at a frat party she gets more than he bargained for.

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jlove006 7 /10

Better the the book in some places.

This was cute. I appreciated that the characters weren't as abrasive as they were in the book. It got obnoxious after a while. The casting wasn't completely perfect, but I loved India as Liz. She's a great actress and endeared Liz more to me then in the book. I didn't care for the added drama, but overall the move flowed well and ended well. Great job Passionflix.

Reviewed by janedwards-74579 9 /10

Such a funny, laugh out loud movie we all need right now.

A great adaptation by PassionFlix of Tara Sivec's romantic comedy . The actors were cast perfectly, really like they popped right out if the pages of the book. Smoked the d tire time and laughed out loud more than once. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to have a great time.

Reviewed by cathymccarron-24497 10 /10

Seduction and Snacks

OMG! This movie was HILARIOUSLY FUNNY! From start to finish! Passionflix has done it again! I NEED MORE!!!! The cast is PERFECT! They brought Tara Sivic's words out PERFECTLY! They followed the book to a T..thank you Passionflix it's just what we needed right now.

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