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Slaves of Hollywood follows the lives of a group of recent college graduates at their first jobs in corporate Hollywood. Thomas, Pink, Fisher, Dean, and Roman have just moved out to Los Angeles and they aspire to become "players". But first they have to start at the bottom, working as personal assistants to a variety of maniacal producers, agents, and studio executives. The glamour of working in Hollywood quickly begins to fade after endless days of making coffee and babysitting the boss' children. As time moves on, our lead characters struggle to move up the corporate ladder while keeping their sanity and morals intact. —Anonymous


Hill Harper
as Fisher Lovelace
Nicholas Worth
as Sam Gittleman
Amy Lyndon
as Lydia Schnell
Howard Scott
as Thomas Jacobson
Andre Barron
as Dean Palermo
Tim Duquette
as Sammy Stahr

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Alwood 10 /10

Funny, sad and true

Very funny, and very honest, depiction of climbing the ladder in Hollywood and all the humiliations, frustrations and disappointments inherent in the process. As a former struggling writer in Hollywood, I not only lived much of this story, but saw many friends burn out, crack up or just fade away like the characters in this movie. Kudos to writer/directors Terry Keefe and Michael Wechsler for their humor and their insight. I assume they chewed some of the same dirt we all did. Seeing this film just reinforces the fact that I did the right thing by returning to the family ranch here in Texas to raise Ostrich and Llammas. They're good eatin'.

Reviewed by hacta 9 /10

Great theme. The word "Slaves" is understated.

I thought this movie has a great theme. Production assistants in Hollywood are "Slaves" and gophers. This film tells the story with great humor and makes the bitter pill easier to swallow. Using the word "Slaves" is an understatement to what production assistants really go through day after day.

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