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Amazon Queen


Action / Drama



On this Amazon River cruise, several American tourists are taken hostage by desperate thieves attempting to recover a lost treasure deep in the jungle. A transportive movie featuring breathtaking panoramic views of the eighth wonder of the world, AMAZON QUEEN takes place in the Amazon Rainforest along the Rio Negro, Manaus, Brazil. Shot during the Covid outbreak October 2020. A group of tourists joins the riverboat "Queen" as it ventures far upriver on the Rio Negro, to visit indigenous villages and explore jungle habitats. But as the idyllic journey unfolds, a dark cloud of thievery and menace thunders aboard, shattering the voyage and threatening the passengers and crew with death. Ingenuity and resourcefulness are their only chance to survive. —Marlin Darrah


Marlin Darrah


Carly Diamond Stone
as Jackie Santos
Carson Grant
as Francisco Santos
Massi Furlan
as Machado
Alfonso DiLuca
as Sam Romaro
Nick Dreselly Thomas
as Flynn McIntyre
Vicky Dawson
as Maggie Chambers

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by psxexperten 1 /10

1 Star. I would give 0 Stars, but the rating system won't allow it.

All the 9 and 10 star rating are fake.

I am honestly so shocked at how bad this movie was, that I won't even bother explaining it. Story was horrible, acting was horrible, effects were horrible, and the list goes on.

Anyone who gives this movie over a 1 or 2 was either a part of the movie, related to someone in the movie, or paid to rate it highly. Period.

This is a typical f-rated movie. The best way to watch is with the sound off while wearing a blind fold.

Reviewed by Jim_Screechy 3 /10

Some of the shots are nice

Its true, its not a good film, but from a technical standpoint, its deserves the three stars. The camera work is good and there are some beautiful shots taken by someone who knows what they are doing.

The script is ridiculous, 'some' of the acting is worse than barnyard productions I've seen and the screenplay isn't worthy of the disk space it took to store it. The score is terrible and overdone throughout the whole film and the direction is... I'll not go on, you get the idea.

It's definitely not worth seeing, though as background fodder, it might be something to put on while you do your chores, your taxes or just need something to lull you to sleep.

Its Hallmark channel worthy, and though the high ratings are clearly bogus, I think the one-out-of-ten scores are probably harshly trying to serve up some sort of punishment rather than reflect an accurate assessment.

I cannot recommend it.

Reviewed by reellycynical 1 /10

Amazon Boredom to the MAX!

You've heard of a "B Movie" right?

Well this is two steps below THAT. I would call it a "D Movie" - as in "DUMB".

The BEST part of this movie are the brief glimpses of wildlife. - that's it.

If I could rate it ZERO stars, I would.

Horrible acting. Tongue-in cheek stupid humor throughout.

Run for your life.

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