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The Theory of Flight


Comedy / Drama / Romance



A dreamer who aspires to human flight is assigned public service after one of his attempts off a public building. This leads him to meeting a young woman, who is dying of motor neuron disease. The strong-willed woman admits her wish to be de-flowered before her death. The man, struggling to maintain his relationship with his girlfriend, declines, but offers to help pay for a gigolo to do the deed. The following events play off the inherent comedy and drama of the circumstances. —John Sacksteder


Paul Greengrass

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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 /10

needs more and bigger laughs

Richard (Kenneth Branagh) is a dreamer who tries an unpowered flight off of a London building. He survives and is sentenced to community service. His girlfriend Julie is exasperated. He continues to build a home-made plane in a barn. He is given Jane Hatchard (Helena Bonham Carter) to care for. The wheelchair-bound sex-obsessed Jane suffers from Lou Gehrig's Disease. Her rebellious nature hides the fact that she's a virgin. Richard helps to find a gigolo for her.

This is set up for a pretty simple feel-good movie. It just needs more and bigger laughs. It relies mostly on Jane's virginity for the jokes. Also Jane's speech impediment prevents the jokes from getting the right timing. I also can't see finding a gigolo to be that difficult unless Richard is more awkward. If Richard is wackier, this movie could be more fun.

Reviewed by michaelRokeefe 7 /10

What's hard with granting a last wish?

A bit quirky and bordering bad taste; but intelligent enough to be worthy of watching. A wheelchair-bound young woman Jane Hatchard(Helena Bonham Carter)is teamed with a reluctant caregiver, Richard(Kenneth Branagh). Richard is an artist that daydreams of human flight. He builds an airplane in his garage and intends to fly it. He wants to resurrect his own troubled life by taking care of the independent, dying Jane, who suffers from an neurological disease that has all but left her speechless and very little motor skills. Wheelchair-bound and full of spirit, her last dying wish is to loose her virginity. She offers herself to Richard, who won't help her directly; but is willing to rob a bank in order to pay a gigolo to do the deed. I found this flick ambitious and humorous. Even in this role, Carter has a certain charisma and likability.

Reviewed by tedg N/A

Never Gets Off the Ground

This film starts with advantages few have:

Branagh plays Hamlet here, a role and achievement at world class level. Bonham-Carter plays a role with her eyes, of which she is among the very best, perhaps the best alive. Her crowning achievement is her Ophelia at the play-within-the play after being confronted by another Hamlet (Gibson). Her eyes!

It also has a couple very rich devices. The notion of a machine that speaks for B-C and cannot be interrupted but which is separable from her. This sets all sorts of possibilities for narrative enfolding. And the notion of B's canvases forming a flyable collage (another machine!) is ripe with manifold potentials for self-referential depth.

Such promise. So why is this such a failure?

Because both the writer and the director were without a focus, and probably without the talent to pull off realizing that focus. How many such disappointments do we have to see before the nature of failing loses novelty? More and more, it seems to me that no level of talent in the acting pool can do more than express a vision. If the vision is lacking, the performance must also.

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