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Into the Forest





Into the Forest follows three paranormal Youtubers on what should have been a simple documentary in the woods but quickly becomes a journey into heart-stopping horror.


Brendan Rudnicki

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tkaine3 3 /10

Not another one of these! Found footage with bad acting and overtly scripted.

'Into the forest' 3/10 = Abandon 🌠🌠🌠

The first priority and main objective for shooting a found footage horror flick in one word would be realism. The actors should appear genuine or as natural as possible but "Into the forest" through out the entire film achieves the exact opposite. Whether it was a character screaming into oblivion shouting with fear that's inauthentic or watching someone have a fake seizure that wouldn't convince a 10yo. Nothing will ruin a found footage film quicker than losing the belief or feeling that it's real. In a genre that's heavily saturated for and by millennials too many filmmakers think if they use amateur or unknown actors and film using handheld or shaky camera effects it will give the movie a boost of realism. Usually it does but that's not the case if every scene comes across appearing forced or scripted. I wouldn't recommend this film for viewers and suggest steering clear of it entirely.

Reviewed by saphira_dragon-80270 7 /10

Pretty enjoyable!

We enjoyed watching this. We were a little worried about the bad user reviews, but we were pleasantly surprised! It even had a few scares! Very watchable characters weren't too bad either. Pretty good!

Reviewed by duckboy-94171 1 /10

Laughable !!!!!!!!

Sweet jesus don't waste your time on this garbage, the scariest thing about this one hour movie is the guy wearing black socks pulled half way up to his knees with shorts on. Lol 🤣

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