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Panther Girl of the Kongo


Action / Sci-Fi



Jean Evans of an international wildlife foundation has made herself at home in Africa as the elephant-riding, vine-swinging, miniskirted 'Panther Girl.' On safari to film animals, Jean encounters something really wild; a giant crayfish monster (created by greedy scientist Morgan who, with his henchmen, hopes to scare everyone out of the district, then secretly mine diamonds). Jungle perils aplenty stand between Jean (an active, competent heroine) and her hunter friend Larry and their goal of tracing the 'claw monster' to its source. —Rod Crawford


Franklin Adreon


Phyllis Coates
as Jean Evans, Panther Girl
Myron Healey
as Larry Sanders
Arthur Space
as Dr. Morgan
Roy Glenn
as Chief Danka

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JohnHowardReid 4 /10

Republic's second last and second worst serial

Aside from a punch-out between hero and villains in Chapter One, the action in Republic's second last serial is little more than a seemingly endless succession of shoot-outs between the worst shots in the jungle. And most of this action is sadly truncated at that! In addition, the process work is extremely ropey and the only good stock shots are repeated many times! The villains are talkative and unattractive. Only Phyllis Coates, swinging through the jungle in a delightfully unsuitable mini, manages to hold the interest of the viewer. The rest of the players are well below par. Ten out of ten for Miss Coates. Zero for everybody and everything else including the laughable cray fish that supposedly metamorphoses into a giant menace. Available on an excellent Grapevine DVD.

Reviewed by bsmith5552 6 /10

She Flies Through the Air With the Greatest of Ease!

"Panther Girl of the Congo" is one of the last serial turned out by "the serial factory", Republic Pictures. At this time studios were turning out films about over sized or mutant creatures. This one deals with an over-sized (now get this) craw fish.

Mad scientist Dr. Morgan (Arthur Space) is creating mutant craw fish in order to frighten the local natives away so that he and his cronies, Cass (John Day) and Rand (Mike Ragan) can mine diamonds from an abandoned mine. International Wildlife Federation Representative Jean Evans (Phyllis Coates) is filming wildlife in the jungle when she comes upon one of the mutant creatures. Evans summon hunter/guide Larry Sanders (Myron Healey) for assistance.

Over 12 chapters, the pair escape life threatening situations each chapter as they battle with the bad guys. For some reason Evans is called Panther Girl. We don't actually see a panther in the story except at the end of each chapter. What we do see is the fetching Ms. Coates in a micro mini skirted costume each time she goes into the jungle. She swings across the jungle on vines in sequences I'm sure I've seen in other Republic serials. She also gets to ride an elephant from time to time and battle a rubber crocodile as well..

It was refreshing for me to see long time western villain Healey in a leading role. This may have been his only starring role. Space, Day an Ragan make formidable villains. Oddly enough neither the heroes or villains can hit the broad side of a barn with their rifles. Although the Lydecker Brothers do their best with the monsters, I can't help but wonder why a rogue panther wasn't considered as the, pardon the expression, elephant in the room.

Not one of their best but still a competently made serial nonetheless.

Reviewed by StuOz N/A

Lydecker Serial Provides Guy Thrills & Irwin Allen Roots

Despite the title, this is a guy show more than anything else, if I remember correctly, Panther Girl is the only girl in it, all the other characters, or cartoon figures, are male. There is no characterisation in the whole run of the serial, every word is spoken to advance the story, only in the final frame of the last chapter does someone make a jaw-dropping bit of non-plot driven talk. But that is not a negative comment on this serial.

I actually like the no non-sense way this serial, and other serials, present themselves (Irwin Allen's The Time Tunnel would later copy this all the way).

The claw monster in this serial was created by the Lydecker brothers, and one of the Lydeckers - Howard - would be associated (with LB Abbott) in the effects for TV's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea...a series that featured many miniature and full scale monsters, with or without a claw.

Panther Girl is a fine serial, and when seen in full on video in 1997 it was a knockout, but beware of repeat viewings, for some reason this serial does not go over too well when you look too close.

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