A fracking crew drills on sacred Native American land unleashing an ancient demon. Six teens have to serve community service in the remote forest where the demon is lurking. They find themselves trapped in a realm of illusions with plenty of marijuana, an abandoned cabin, dark caves, endless woods, and temptation. There are only two ways out of these woods - succumb to the demon or die!


Josh Crook

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Reviewed by nogodnomasters 6 /10

I can read minds.

An Ohio fracking operation drills through 7 miles of Indian burial to unleash the demon Molok. The moody Luce (Samantha Scaffidi) who has foster father issues is part of a group of teens that performs community service by smoking pot in a drug house near the drilling operation. She is set up to be the final girl.

I liked the kids and the dialogue. The scene where they sit around and smoke pot while the demon plays with their mind was excellent and wish they would have extended that scene and the film by 10-15 minutes as it ran short as it was picking up.

Guide: F-word, sex, nudity

Reviewed by keithstanier 1 /10

my true review

I can't believe there is no review after the 03/10/17 release date.

Comedy I didn't smile once that's US Comedy for you when they laugh at anything, Horror none, it should be Drama only, a lot of irrelevant Drama 100% its 6 teenagers doing community service smoking pot so they don't know what they see as its a short play time, I skipped through the boring crap.

Crap storyline by SC Films the maker, you're waiting for something good to happen but it doesn't, bad acting or reading a bad script.

Total garbage from all unknown actors, its like watching cement/paint dry.

Let me explain why I use a lot of irrelevant Drama for reference with my other reviews.

Good films/movie's spend a lot a money making these films. It appears the film/movie makers set the genre considering they are making it.

They must make the storyline if no one has watched it. Therefore there are loads of genre's I like. Action, Crime, Fantasy, Horror, Sci Fi and Comedy?

I rate all my films from the genre and storyline given if it plays out.

When I watch them if they don't meet that genre then the rating can drop to 1 as you can't rate 0.

I also like a good Comedy. To me a comedy is supposed to make you laugh or the low point smile a lot.

Every Comedy film I've watched some are Comedy only which makes even more of an insult. You don't even smile, that's US Comedy for you when they laugh at anything.

That's why they get a lot of irrelevant Drama %. to me irrelevant Drama is when they talk about anything useless of storyline that has no interest what so ever. So the more irrelevant Drama there is means they are reading a bad script or the storyline has no good foundation, they are just filling in in time.

The other factor is the play time for the film. The average play time is around 90 minutes 1:30. To 1:30 is a good time to watch a film. There are plenty of films with play times of 2 hours or more, they use irrelevant Drama just to pad it out.

This site is good for making reviews if no one has made a review. You have to get all the text you want to say correct the first time before it goes for checking.

I've learned that even if a film or TV series has no reviews shown my review gets posted in other reviews. So I never post a review because who decides which review is show?

That isn't the best one, I've read better ones in other reviews. If it is accepted then that's find, but there is no edit option to add additional info you may have missed only if you edit your review after its been approved.

I have posted my review for Yinz (2018) 3 times and it still hasn't been approved why not as there is only 1 spammer review why?

The bad thing if someone has made a review which is totally wrong to the same film I've watched you can only click yes or no was this useful.

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