Koharu holds down a public sector job and does it well. Then disaster strikes. Her family and home are stricken. She is personally affected when her man lusts after other women including a co-worker of his. A white knight appears who is willing to be with her, love her and marry her. What happens next is no Cinderella story however. —aghaemi


Ryohei Watanabe


Tao Tsuchiya
as Koharu Fukuura
Tanaka Kei
as Daigo Izumisawa
as Hikari
Anna Yamada
as Chinatsu Fukuura

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by soeprijo19 8 /10

No happily ever after

Don't let the first 45 minutes fools you. This is no romantic drama nor family drama at all. This deals with the deepest and darkest of every couple's heart: family

Does your family come first? Does your spouse come first? Does your child come first? And how do you rate yourself as a spouse and a mother or father? Does your past define you as a person?

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