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They Who Surround Us





A Ukrainian farmer living in Alberta loses his wife in a tragic accident. Guilt and grief send him into an emotional spiral where mysterious and inexplicable events force him to relive traumatic incidents from his childhood in Ukraine.

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kingcasey_iii 1 /10

Survivor of genocide experiences triggered PTSD

An Albertan Ukranian farmer who survived genocidal pogroms recovers from PTSD flash backs triggered by the death of his wife. He has to recover or risk being lost in an abyss of alcholism and domestic instablility.

Reviewed by Moviedog26 1 /10

Beautiful piece of crap

Who else has flashbacks and anxiety? Only 90% of the planet population. So please spare me.

Nothing to see here, no piece of art..just piece of crap.

Reviewed by Silicone54 1 /10

Suspicious reviews

I was going to look into this movie based on the reviews. Never heard of this movie but its getting 10's? I see most of the reviews are brand new accounts and reviewing only this one movie.

I will probably give it a try sometime this week but I am adding 1 star to balance out the nonsense of the other fake reviews. If it deserves more than 1 star I will honestly change the rating.

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