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Killer Cheer Mom


Drama / Thriller



Riley, who is new in town, tries out for the cheer squad, but as her changes get better, she notices some cheerleaders are suspiciously expelled or injured, and she wonders if her stepmom is doing whatever it takes to get her on the team.

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Reviewed by ts-0000 N/A

Another,cheesy cheer movie.

What was up with Denise Richards mouth/lips? It was rather distracting,anytime she talked.

Nothing original or fun,basically purely clichéd.

Ok cinematography,but wasn't something that saved it for watching again.

Reviewed by nightroses 3 /10

Big plastic surgery film

A nice thriller with evil stepmother trying to interfere in the cheerleading squad just so her step daughter enters. The step mother and also the police detective lady have really badly done faces. It makes the film look so plastic!

Reviewed by kyleallencole9 6 /10

Excellent teen lifetime thriller!

The first film in Lifetime's annual Fear the Cheer lineup is a good one.

Denise Richards was excellent as the main deranged antagonist in this one.

She plays a woman who changes her identity and married to a widower who has a teenage daughter.

After they move to a new town to get away from her murderous past, she decides she will do whatever it takes to get her stepdaughter onto the cheerleaders squad even if that means destroying the girls competition. She does this to ensure they stay there and do not move back to the city where she is a suspect in a murder.

This one has a pretty good climatic ending also when the girl has a showdown with her killer stepmother.

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