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Webcam Cheerleaders


Drama / Thriller



Maisy transfers to her late sister's college to find the truth behind her death, where she uncovers that many of the girls on the cheerleading squad are also webcam girls, but revealing the truth may have deadly consequences.


Curtis Crawford

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Reviewed by nightroses 6 /10

Sharks and snakes

The cheerleading team called the Sharks hide a dark secret. After a tragedy, the twin sister of a dead student joins the college and the same cheerleading team. There is a lot of sinister things going on and a conspiracy. Only there are a few scenes that are cringe. Some of the cheerleaders look as though they're in their late 20's. Films like this are good for a rainy afternoon with tea.

Reviewed by scriabin17 5 /10

Another cheerleader whodunit!

Maisy's twin sister is dead and they ruled it a suicide. But she doesn't believe it and joins the cheerleader squad to find out what really happened to her. Nothing original here. Not recommended!

Reviewed by Moviedog26 1 /10

Zero was not available

The biggest piece of s...t I could bear for about 15 minutes.

This is the junk the movie industry is serving us. The acting is so obnoxious and the girls really think they are beautiful. In bad shape to be cheerleaders..maybe just hookers.

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