"This European "western" by Robert Hossein (scripter, director, and lead) is set in an unnamed Latin American country suffering under a dictator. A revolution is underway, or at least there is a strong guerrilla movement here. The leader of the guerrillas manages to capture the daughter of the dictator, and then, has to take her as a captive back to the revolutionary forces' base. Along the way...

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Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 /10

Scuzzy black and white western is too cheap to succeed

THE TASTE OF VIOLENCE is a cheap-looking black and white western that might have worked better had it been made a decade later when the genre was in full bloom. Here, it seems a bit like an anachronism, a film before its time; the version I watched was fuzzy looking which didn't help. The story seems cheaply-staged without much in the way of action or incident to propel it along.

The main characters are guerrillas fighting back against a cruel dictator. They manage to capture the dictator's daughter in an opening train ambush which isn't even shown given the film's lack of budget. What follows is a plodding journey narrative of sorts as the characters bicker among themselves and occasionally die. Mario Adorf, a star of Italian cinema in the 1970s, is one of the protagonists. The script attempts depth and explores moral courage at times, but it's all so routinely staged by Rober Hossein - who definitely bit off more than he could chew in directing/writing/starring in the film - that it's a chore to watch.

Reviewed by searchanddestroy-1 N/A

A bit disappointing

I have nearly seen every Robert Hossein's films, as a director I mean. And I have enjoyed all of them. They are different of the all others. But this one, a sort of western - made I presume in Spain - did not bring me what I first waited from it. OK, this feature is some kind of an offbeat movie, nothing to do with American films like this. The characters are quite all right, in the right move. But I don't know exactly why, I am not entirely satisfied as I expected. The story of a bunch of revolutionaries in Mexico kidnap the daughter of a military chief and get away with her, expecting a further ransom. And, as you may guess, nothing will proceed as they wish.

Nothing really new here.

But see for yourself.

A rare gem, although.

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