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The Jigsaw Murders


Action / Crime / Mystery



Detective DaVonzo and his young partner Elliott are putting together a murder mystery with the help of a jigsaw puzzle but will all the pieces be together in time to save DaVonzo's daughter? —Concorde - New Horizons (with permission).


Jag Mundhra


Chad Everett
as Joseph DaVonzo
Michelle Johnson
as Kathy DaVonzo
Yaphet Kotto
as Doctor Tyrone Fillmore
Michael Sabatino
as Detective Elliot Greenfield
Dena Drotar
as Lori Bellweather
Jill Jacobson
as Dr. Louise Lester
Eli Rich
as Ace Mosley

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael_Elliott N/A

Average Thriller

The Jigsaw Murders (1989)

** (out of 4)

Detective DaVonzo (Chad Everett) is years past his prime and is suffering from an alcohol problem but he's put on the case of a woman whose body parts are being discovered throughout the city. He and his partner begin to investigate the case and it doesn't take long for them to zoom in on a local photographer.

THE JIGSAW MURDERS is one of those thrillers that probably got a limited theatrical release but the majority of the people saw it on video or perhaps late night cable. I say that because the film is pretty much a low-budget thriller that follows all the rules in the book in regards to how films like this play out. You've got the drunk cop. You've got him on his last case. There's a young partner. The cop's daughter just happens to be in the business that the killer is stalking.

In fact, I'd argue that a lot of this film seems to have been influenced by 10 TO MIDNIGHT but sadly this isn't nearly as great. The biggest problem with this movie is that it really doesn't try to do anything fresh or original and we're pretty much left with a film that doesn't have any thrills and in most ways is pretty forgettable. It's really too bad that there wasn't something more going on here but the film remains mildly entertaining if you've got nothing better to do.

I will say that I enjoyed the performance by Everett and thought he at least kept the film moving. Michelle Johnson plays the daughter and is at least easy to look at. Michael Sabatino and Yaphet Kotto are also good. With that being said, people really don't watch these types of movies for their performances. The film lacks any violence, there are only a couple death scenes and there's nothing sleazy either. THE JIGSAW MURDERS is a mild entertainment but that's it.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 /10

Mildly diverting

Just an average low budget crime film set in L. A. The cops are on the trail of a serial killer who makes a point of targeting young fashion models. The chief detective on the case has a daughter in the industry who might just be the next target so the case has a personal angle for him. It plays out familiarly enough for the most part, focused perhaps on nudity and titillation over the suspense it should be generating instead, but it does the job and the ending is mildly diverting.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 4 /10

For ages 15 and up.

Cop thriller The Jigsaw Murders follows Los Angeles Detective Sergeant Joe DaVonzo (Chad Everett) and Detective Elliot Greenfield (Michael Sabatino) as they try to bring to justice psycho photographer Ace Mosley (Eli Rich), who is teasing the police by leaving severed limbs all over the city. Greenfield is trying to wrap up the case before his impending nuptials, while DaVonzo is ***cliché alert!** struggling with alcoholism and a troublesome daughter (Michelle Johnson) whose career as an erotic model makes her a potential victim of the killer.

Director Jag Mundhra's previous film, Hack-o-Lantern, was a technically shoddy affair, but entertaining nonetheless; The Jigsaw Murders, on the other hand, is a touch more professional, but actually proves a lot less enjoyable. It's banal, unexciting, tedious, and trite, with unmemorable performances from all involved (even Yaphet Kotto as quirky coroner Doctor Fillmore fails to impress). Those looking for graphic violence will be disappointed by the film's few unconvincing body parts, while those hoping for a smattering of sleaze will find the T&A most unsatisfying, with buxom babe Johnson only going so far as to wear a skimpy swimsuit and a leotard (those who want to see more of the actress should watch Blame It On Rio, in which she bares everything).

4.5/10, rounded down to 4 for Rich's dreadful performance as Mosley.

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