South Beach Love (2021) torrent download

South Beach Love


Drama / Romance



Follows a story about rival quinceañeras, glorious Cuban cooking, friendship, family and romance.


Damián Romay


William Levy
as Tony Rodriguez
Taylor Cole
as Sara Kelly
Roberto Escobar
as Mateo Rodriguez
Steve Heinz
as Farmers Market Customer
Justin Smith
as Matt Kelly
Jessica Pacheco
as Maria Sanchez
Ariel Yasmine
as Lola Kelly

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv123 8 /10

Some fresh things

The premise is a slightly different take on bringing together old flames. An Irish-Cuban fusion seemed a bit strange, but worked for me even so. Why not if it brings something to a neighborhood that no one else provides?

The romance story was about what you'd expect, but the teenage girls added a nice touch (even if at least one of them was played by a 19 year old who seemed more like she was in her 20's). Despite my having several friends who've had quinceañeras, I've never been to one and it was nice to see what they are about. I loved the symbolism of the girl's transition into a woman. This might have been the highpoint for me and I'm not sure how rewatchable this is.

Taylor Cole and William Levy didn't have a lot of chemistry. Levy came off a little too much like he thought he was royalty and somehow Cole didn't seem natural either. Late in the movie their characters' long term familiarity came through, but it never seemed very romantic. Practical and convenient yes, romantic no.

Reviewed by cramercaitlin 4 /10

Average Hallmark But Not a Favorite

Was really excited to watch this movie because I had been seeing the trailers for weeks. I usually love Taylor and Cole and was excited to see a new male lead. Unfortunately, this movie fell a little flat for me. I didn't see a lot of chemistry between Cole and Levy and thought the scenes felt a little forced. Their restaurant idea was in my opinion a little stupid because Miami's population of Irish people is only 1% so their restaurant was a fusion that no one asked for, and it just doesn't sound appetizing. The quince plot line was semi interesting but the drama didn't last long nor hold my attention. Overall, a alright movie but not worth a saturday night watch.

Reviewed by KelsoBelle 7 /10

Not Senior Friendly

I've watched Hallmark movies as far back as I can remember. The only problem I have with, "South Beach Love" is in sometimes understanding the accents. The problem came when the characters would speak quickly.

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