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One Summer





Follows Jack who takes his son and daughter to his late wife's hometown, and begins to have visions of the past that could forge a new path forward.


R.C. Newey


Sam Page
as Jack Armstrong
Sarah Drew
as Jenna Fontaine
Amanda Schull
as Lizzie Armstrong
Madeline Grace
as Mikki Armstrong
Gavin Borders
as Tyler Armstrong
Bryant Prince
as Liam Fontaine

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by burnsannona 5 /10

Different but not good

Not a typical Hallmark or a feel good movie. The characters are sad and grieving. The story is basic. I love Sam Page and Sarah Drew but this one is rather a dud. This movie looked like it couldn't decide if it was a drama or a love story. It really kinda failed at both. Too many holes and unbelievable things happen.

For instance, where sre hos parents? Liam should know better than to be sailing at dusk. Check the weather??

It was a ruse to use the Lighthouse.

Maybe the plan is a Sequel?

But that would be super awkward because the teens are falling for each other and they could potentially be step-siblings down the road if the parents are getting together.

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