Joseph Pierson


Shalom Harlow
as Leila Sweet
Jake Weber
as Dr. Beverly Kirk
Laurel Holloman
as Evy Sweet

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Reviewed by =G= 7 /10

A fresh, fun, easy-going, creative little sleeper.

"Cherry" tells of a naive, unmarried virgin who decides to have a baby but isn't quite sure how to go about it. This easy going little sleeper is full of quirky characters and tongue-in-cheek situational humor. Fresh, fun, mold breaking stuff, I happened to really enjoy this flick...for whatever that's worth. Recommended for lovers of romantic comedy who want something different.

Reviewed by inkblot11 N/A

Adore romantic comedy? Try this sweet film

Leila (Shalom Harlow) is a muffin shop owner with a sad past. As an innocent 20 year old, her fiancé failed to show up on their wedding day. Since then, she merely exists with her dog, Paxil, never venturing into another romantic attachment. However, she does want to become a mother and visits a new gynecologist to determine if her organs are working properly. Somewhat smitten, the physician tries to discourage Leila from the auditions she plans to hold to find a father for her potential offspring. Is a sperm donor the closest thing to true love that Leila will find?

This sweet, sweet movie has attractive leads and a humorous script. While the overall concept of the film may be far-fetched, the audience won't quibble with it's presentation. The setting and costumes are quite wonderful, also. If you and your friends pant over kisses and laughs in the search for true love, get the gang together and have a giggle and sigh fest.

Reviewed by justine9628345 4 /10

Nice idea

The film is somewhat entertaining, but the greatest feature is Shalom Harlow's laughable performance. It has been 4 years since this movie was released and hopefully Harlow has gone through more training. Perhaps she should stick to the more worldly, somewhat corruptive characters that she has generated in other performances.

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