Mickey's Tale of Two Witches (2021) torrent download

Mickey's Tale of Two Witches


Action / Animation



On Halloween, Mickey tells Pluto a story about two witches-in-training, Minnie the Wonderful and Daisy Doozy, who must pass four tests to graduate from the Witch Academy in Happy Haunt Hills.


Phil Weinstein


Bret Iwan
as Mickey Mouse / Count Mickula (voice)
Bill Farmer
as Pluto (voice)
Tress MacNeille
as Daisy Doozy (voice)
Kaitlyn Robrock
as Minnie the Wonderful (voice)
April Winchell
as Clarabelle (voice)

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brettw-66546 7 /10

Wish it was on the big screen but not long enough

I enjoyed the film because I want to see if Daisy is willing to graduate the Witch Academy to earn her wand. I get excited when new films focus on Daisy Duck because I am love with her since 2017. It had some good laughs and one disappointment, well she didn't get upset like breaking down crying either she is too Mature to cry or doesn't want to end up melt like The Wicked Witch did in the Wizard of Oz. But its still fun to see Minnie and Daisy to work together to defeat Pete to save Halloween. Overall it was a good Halloween mini movie.

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