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Survive the Game


Action / Thriller



A Man's life on his farm is interrupted when a cop and a pair of dangerous criminals show up.


James Cullen Bressack

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Reviewed by Top_Dawg_Critic N/A

Another Willis flop. Who funds this garbage?

I can cut some slack for newb writer Ross Peacock in his first full length screenplay, with only seven prior short films, because he clearly has no idea on how to write a full length story without tons of filler and long dragged out and unnecessary scenes. The normally decent 97 min runtime felt ridiculously long. About 80% of this film was infantile cat and mouse games, and the worst car chases in the history of car chases.

Whoever funded this mess and after viewing the final cut said "that's great, let's go to market" clearly needed a tax write-off. This may have been bearable had Peacock cut out lots of film and kept his story as a short, no more than 25 mins. Even his attempt at any humor was cringeworthy. He pretty much didn't miss any cliche in this genre, and we really didn't need another cops vs bad guys story.

But were there is no forgiveness, is how seasoned director James Cullen Bressack presented us this garbage. Why did he give us the lamest long car chases in the world? The choppy blurred action sequences? The horrible camera work? Did he even direct his cast? A 5th grader could've directed better.

Then we have Willis in his usual has-been acting with him barely awake and smirking his monotonic lines. This guy is moving backwards in time with any acting skills or ability. Stay home Bruce, please. All other casting was also lame and unconvincing, with the exception of Chad Michael Murray who was decent, and in very distant second place, Swen Temmel. Kate Katzman and Zack Ward as unoriginal wannabe Harley Quinn and the Joker characters was cringe, although their performances were the most entertaining.

The only redeeming quality was the score and soundtrack, which were decent compared to other typical B grade films where they're loud, constant, overbearing and unfitting. I'd pass on this mess, and because I didn't have to force myself that hard to stay awake until the end, it's a generous 3/10 from me.

Reviewed by contactmaz 1 /10

Crap actor alert - Bruce Willis - Crap actor alert

Man oh man... do I ever learn? What an awful film. Every time I say enough, I will never watch another BW film, I do it again. He can't act for toffee and this is another successful attempt of him being a trash actor.

Reviewed by Gringoen 2 /10

Why did Lionsgate put their name on this?

From the start the acting is terrible and the camework is the worst. If you have Parkinsons disease maybe camerwork just insnt for you.... I gave this a fair shot, but the shaky camera and terrible acting made me turn this off... So yes this is another movie that Bruce Willis should have stayed away from.

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