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Madame Yanne is still a very young widow of an officer. She takes care of her pretty nieces Florentine and Juliet, who are currently living out their lesbian obsessions and are currently more engaged with each other than turning their heads around the lusty male world. As a stallion, Farmhand Erik was only too happy to jump at the two nieces. Inspector Simon has long been keeping an eye on Florentine and not only wants to get her to bed, but even marry. Mrs. Colonel would like to test his qualities as a lover in the horizontal for her niece. Also for Julia Yannes, a painter, is the suitable husband in the field of vision but she would like to test once before, whether he could make her happy in the future.


Erwin C. Dietrich

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Reviewed by Michael_Elliott N/A

Decent Softcore Flick from Dietrich

Die Nichten der Frau Oberst (1980)

** (out of 4)

Madame Yanne (Karine Gambier) is left a widow at a rather young age but she doesn't have the spice needed to fully explore her sexuality. This all changes after seeing her two young nieces (Brigitte Lahaie, Pascale Vital) being able and willing to take on anything sexually.

Also known as COME PLAY WITH ME 2, this Swedish film comes from director-producer Erwin C. Dietrich who is probably best remembered for the films he produced for Spanish director Jess Franco. If you're familiar with the work of Dietrich then you should already know that the story isn't the most important thing. No, the story takes a back seat to the various sex scenes and if that's what you're looking for then DIE NICHTEN DER FRAU OBERST should keep you entertained.

As I said, one really shouldn't put this film into your player expecting some sort of drama, story or anything else like that. The screenplay is basically a bunch of short scenes where we see the three lead ladies having sex with a variety of people. All three of the leads are quite attractive and they certainly make the film worth watching. All the scenes have the ladies completely naked and unlike the softcore films from America, these here cross the line and while it doesn't quite come hardcore they're still more exotic than what most people consider softcore.

The real reason to watch this film is for the nudity and the simulated sex scenes. Again, Dietrich wasn't trying to break new ground here but instead just deliver an inexpensive and dirty little picture, which is exactly what he's done.

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 2 /10

It's porn, nothing of quality

"Die Nichten der Frau Oberst" or "Secrets of a French Maid" or "Come Play with Me 2" is a Swiss German-language film from 1980, so this one had its 35th anniversary last year. It runs for approximately 90 minutes and was directed by Erwin C. Dietrich, who also adapted the original novel by Guy de Maupassant here. The cast includes some actors and actresses who got somewhat known through the wave of sexually explicit German films from the 1970s. Well.. what else can you say about this film. The story is so bad it can be ignored entirely. Nothing of value is to see here. the acting is bad, but the script is even a lot worse. Is there any reason to watch this film? It's tough to find one for me. Maybe it's not a disastrous watch if you are really horny. At least they have a blonde chick and a brunette chick, so it's something for everybody and some may even find Frau Oberst appealing. But like I said, from a cinematic perspective you will not find any quality in here whatsoever. This is an example of how film is not always art. A rigorous thumbs-down from me.

Reviewed by lazarillo N/A

Makes even the "original" look good

This Erwin Deitrich production (the notorious Swiss producer responsible for Jess Franco's sleaziest films) was sold in the English-speaking world as "Come Play with Me 2", a sequel to the (somewhat) more famous British Mary Millington vehicle "Come Play with Me". This has absolutely nothing to do with the other film though other than it uses the same horrible theme song (at least in the English version). Rather than featuring Millington, Suzy Mandel or other English no-clothes horses, this has a cast of French actresses like former hardcore star Brigitte Lahaie and Jess Franco regulars Karine Gambier and Nadine Pascal. Lahaie, at least, is a far better actress than Mary Millington, et. al., but you would never know it from this three-hanky, weasel-milking, time-waster.

The plot, as it were, concerns a sexually repressed "aunt" (Karine Gambier) living on a country estate with her two nymphomaniacal "nieces" (Brigite Lahaie and Nadine Pascal), who when they're not having lesbian sex with each other, are going at with the male farm hands or their respective fiances.(In typical porno fashion Gambier, Lahaie, and Pascalall look pretty much the same age, so it it is pretty arbitrary that Gambier is the "aunt" while the other two are the "nieces"). There are also two frisky chambermaids who are doing pretty much the same thing as the other young women . Naturally it isn't long before Gambier's "aunt" gets in on the action (you can tell she's starting to come out of her shell when she starts fellating an ear of corn while spying on a shirtless farm laborer).

Although strictly softcore, this movie nevertheless suffers from all the same liabilities as hardcore porn. There is little talent in evidence either behind or in front of the camera (Brigitte Lahaie's later superior work for directors like Jean Rollin not withstanding). And the constant, numerous sex scenes pretty much push out anything else of any interest. This not nearly as sleazy as some of the films Deitrich made with Franco, but it also far less entertaining. Naturally Lahaie, Gambier, et. al. have nice bodies and they are pretty much constantly on display, but since most of these actresses have probably done hardcore, this relatively tame movie will probably disappoint even their fans, and it will bore the holy hell out of anyone else. The only thing this really achieves (and, believe me, it's quite an impressive feat) is to make the "original" "Come Play with Me" with seem comparatively entertaining.

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