Ascendant (2021) torrent download



Fantasy / Mystery / Sci-Fi



A young environmentalist wakes, trapped, kidnapped in the elevator of a super high-rise building at the mercy of her tormentors


Antaine Furlong


Charlotte Best
as Aria Wolf
Jonny Pasvolsky
as Richard Wolf
Andrew Jack
as Doctor Thompson
Susan Prior
as Barbara Wolf
Karelina Clarke
as Young Zara
Tahlia Sturzaker
as Young Aria

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 4 /10

We've been compromised

Aria (Charlotte Best) is trapped inside an elevator in Shanghai. Her father is being tortured to give information. They can see and hear each other. Aria has flashbacks to her childhood trying to remember things as later we discover she lost her memory in sort sort of experiment. She a twin sister who looks nothing like her. Both of them are gifted with powers. Aria can control nature and her sister Nina can see the future which she doesn't like.

This is one of the better one person trapped in an elevator films. Charlotte Best made the film watchable, unfortunately they decided to conceal too many plot points from the audience.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by WalkdenEntertainment 5 /10

This Film Is Quite An Achievement For Australian Cinema!

A young woman named Aria Wolf (Charlotte Best) wakes up in an elevator, finding she is tied up and blindfolded. She soon breaks free from her bindings and discovers that she is alone in a high-speed elevator in Shanghai with no memory of her past. Aria also has no clue who her captors are, nor why they would kidnap her and hold her in a building 120 floors high. Attempting to break out of the elevator, she uses the inbuilt phone system and escape hatch but has no luck. She also discovers her phone hidden in her back pocket with minimal battery life. Soon Aria has the chance to talk with her captors, try to work out what they want and, more importantly, try to escape the elevator and gain freedom. Along the way, she will also learn more about her hidden past and the incredible power inside her. Ascendant was created by first time director Antaine Furlong, who also serves as a writer and exclusive producer.

The film's opening is grand. The audience and Aria share in the mystery together, with little information given about her current situation. It is undoubtedly an excellent mystery, to begin with, and more secrets are introduced as the film progresses. As Aria tries to reason and talk with her captors, we are shown moments from her past when she was a young child.

Visually Ascendant is perfect. The visuals are incredibly stunning right from the film's opening. Any moments that contain CGI were also striking to witness on the big screen. The film's sound effects were another pleasing element. Even more likeable was the film's soundtrack, composed by David Hirschfelder, who is well known for his work in many other Australian films such as Shine, Elizabeth, and Australia. Performances throughout the film are ok with some side performances equivalent to what one might see in a video game.

As a plot, while I enjoyed the film's opening, general premise, and some of the introduced mysteries, I cannot deny that the film is slightly complex and confusing, contrasting with other moments that feel vague. While backstories to Aria's past are welcoming to see, I found these moments lacked core details that would have assisted the film's plot. Major twists that Aria encounters throughout the movie while being trapped in the elevator were also entirely predictable.

Overall, as a directional debut by Antaine Furlong, this film is quite an achievement for Australian Cinema. The film is visually stunning to watch from start to finish with excellent CGI work and an impressive soundtrack by composer David Hirschfelder. Performances are generally acceptable, and the film's plot, for the most part, is also pleasing, but it certainly lacks detail and clarity. As a directional debut, it's a step in the right direction, and I look forward to what's to come from Antaine Furlong. Based on this film's quality and production, it is best to view it on a giant screen with an impressive sound system.

5.1/10 - Walkden Entertainment.

Reviewed by eprusulis 3 /10

The movie could have been a10

Really good storyline really good acting they did drag it out a bit but they trying to make it a masterpiece they ruined the movie. If they gave a bit more explanation instead of making you have to guess and you don't really know what the storyteller is the thought is because it could have been many different ways and then trying to make it one of those feel good movies and let's not have any action in it you kind of ruin the movie where I think once she unlocked her I think it was her sister they were kind of locked into the same person have the sister rescue the dad by now she has these magical powers going and take the guys out with the guns and you don't have to make the movie full of action that could last all 5 minutes maybe 10 minutes of the movie but I think instead the writers and the director wanted to make this until one of those oh you know let's try and make it into a completely fdeelgoodmovie that has no action or. My opinion if you put a little bit of action in it and showed a little bit of her using her powers you probably would have done much better in the box office because then you can hit that demographic of them you know the male 18 to 49 or whatever but you're not really going to hit that demographic you know you'll have some people watch it but you're not going to have a lot of people in that 18 to 49 demographic.

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