Set between Heaven and Earth, "HEAVEN" tells the story of Jonathan Stone, a middle-aged paramedic who struggles to find meaning in the midst of his everyday life, until he wakes up one day in "HEAVEN" and discovers that his life had more meaning than he could ever have imagined. It follows the life and afterlife of Jonathan Stone and the lives of those around him from his past, present and future.

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Reviewed by tutocotu-88973 1 /10

worst movie ever... period

I'm a Christian myself but if you guys evangelists think you are going to change the mind of the not belivers with this movie... you are totally wrong. More boring picture evre award

Reviewed by geauxmuse 1 /10

Promising trailer but very disjointed storyline

We had high hopes for this story, but left very disappointed. Very confusing editing, flashing back and forth, no character development, poor dialogue, poor acting. If felt like film students thesis.

Reviewed by chumleyex 1 /10

Religious fiction

This story is as real as Star Wars and was full of cringe moments.

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