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The Christmas Waltz


Drama / Family / Romance



Avery, a Manhattan contract lawyer, has long dreamed of a fantasy Christmas wedding, something that her fiancé David has obliged despite their respective extremely busy work schedules. She also dreams of having an elegant first dance, ballroom which neither she or David know how to do. As such, especially as she is the type of person who needs to do things well or not do them at all, she wants to sign them up for a couple of waltz lessons. When with just over three weeks until the wedding David makes a unilateral decision that she sees as placing his career over her, Avery responds by breaking up with him. Remembering back to her childhood when she did take a few dance classes, with she further reminded by her parents that they pulled her from those classes in focusing on other activities at which she had greater aptitude, Avery ultimately decides to keep the ten waltz lessons up for which she signed her and David, she now going in solo under the tutelage of the dance school's owner, Roman. Despite the disaster of her first lesson leading to thoughts of quitting, she, with Roman's help, perseveres in part due to the two of them being tied together in a personal sense out of circumstance. In the process, the two make a human connection as Avery flourishes as a waltzer and changes as a person. As a romance between the two seems a possibility, that possibility is threatened as David reenters her life asking for her forgiveness in wanting their marriage plans to get back on track. —Huggo


Michael Damian

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Reviewed by toddsgraham 7 /10

May I have this dance...

I enjoyed this one. As another reviewer said on here, it's 'waltzing with chemistry'. It is a lovely romance story, and the script is strong. Don't get me wrong, the story was quite predictable, a typical Hallmark storyline. That said, what is most important, I think, is whether the film engages me, pulls me in. This one did just that from the start. The bonus here was dancing, the Christmas waltz, that is. The dance sequences were charming. I wonder how long they spent working with the choreographer on this one. I would have loved to see a bit more of the children's performance at the end (John Talan Church was great). The acting was very good. Lacey Chabert's performance was convincing. Indeed, she performs well in this genre of film, which is why she is a Hallmark regular, of course. She has sort of a soft and sweet vibe to her performance here, which worked well, I thought. Will Kemp was great. I first saw him on screen in Reign as Henry Stuart. Good series. I was impressed with his performance here. The chemistry between the two was good, believable. They had several sweet scenes together, which worked well on screen. The supporting cast was strong too. No complaints there. The dancing, along with well-polished scenery, props, and sets, really gave this a Christmas feel to it without having to watch, for example, people building gingerbread houses (which Hallmark is obsessed with) or hang wishes on a tree (seems to be a popular tradition this year). Overall, it is a delightful Christmas movie, which fans of Hallmark will no doubt enjoy.

Reviewed by aliyahrocks 8 /10

Great Movie

One of the better Holiday Hallmark Movies this year. Lacey Chabert and Will Kemp have great chemistry throughout. This is their 2nd movie together and I hope they do more. The movie ended a little abruptly. It needed one last scene to wrap up everything. Overall a good film that will be added to my Christmas Film Rotation. Watch the movie for yourself and then form an opinion.

Reviewed by monkoftuscany 10 /10

A Change of Pace and Fabulous!

To begin with, I loved this movie !. It just makes you happy watching it. I think Lacey plays all her parts on Hallmark very well in any movie I have seen. She is genuine and her giggle plays very well in this movie. Her banter with Roman(Will) is engaging and fun to watch. And I saw Lacey say she wasn't a dancer before this movie. It shows how much she worked and practiced because her dancing was very well done. But, Will Kemp's dancing was amazing!. I enjoy his other movies as well.He is so elegant, fluid and graceful when he is dancing. It reminded me of the old dancing greats, Astair and Kelly. The street dancing scene was so wonderful and well done. Enough can't be said about the fabulous last waltz scene in the movie. I have watched this movie many many times and smile and feel good every time I see it. They have wonderful chemistry together. It will lifts your spirits and realize as Lacey's character did, that a negative can be turned into a positive .. Smart of Hallmark to utilize the many talents of their actors, like dancing and singing in addition to their acting.

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