WW2, December 1942, four children on the run. Sarah and Daniel are Jews about to be deported, but hide in the cellar of Otto and Gerda, until they are discovered and their parents are arrested. They have to get to faraway neutral Sweden.

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Reviewed by chong_an 7 /10

Decent children's adventure

December 1942 Norway. After their parents are arrested for possibly hiding Jews, the children find two children hiding in the basement. 10-year-old Greta insists on helping them get to safety in Sweden, whereas her older brother Otto, a proto-Nazi, only goes along to protect her. Most of the ensuing action involves the four (at one point five) children, with different adults being either helpful or dangerous.

This is a good children's adventure, where there are real consequence. The scenery is nice, and the children play their parts reasonably well. There are a couple of plot points I am not too keen on, which is why only gave it a rating of 7.

Reviewed by nouyrigatantoine 7 /10

darkside of norway during World War 2

Nice film on the dark side of Norway during the second world war, in which we follow 4 children trying to reach Sweden and escape the Nazis. Despite the harsh subject, the film remains light.

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