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Drama / Horror / Mystery



A usual working day turns unusual for Guru and Harini when they get trapped in their haunted office. A patterned game unlocks a mystery and a lift is their only way out.

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andrewsrajan 10 /10

Horror Entertainer

Movie Really Came Out Very Well, Kavin's Acting Is A Pillar Of This Movie , Some Of His Expressions Ultimate ,Amrita Acting Too Good Both Of Them Carried the Whole Movie Without Any Bore Moments Thoroughly Enjoyed It.

Reviewed by sharmaprini 10 /10

Awesome movie in recent time.

A Well Made Horror Thriller After Long Time , the BGM & Cinematography Is Brilliant.

Superb performance by Kavin who carried the whole story.

Best acting by Amrita too.

Reviewed by kaviyamathiyazhagan 10 /10

Best OTT Horror Thriller In 2021

Kavin's Acting Was mind- Blowing. He Has Nailed In Every Frames. Technically Very Brilliant Movie IT Employees Can Relate To The Movie. Social Message Was Thr. Whole Team Done Their Part Well.

Every One Will Like It. Watch It With Whole family🔥

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