Six criminals are tasked with kidnapping a young woman for ransom, but when they get locked inside her mansion, what they find is not what they expected.


Alberto Sciamma

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Reviewed by compmend 4 /10

Discombobulated mess of a movie

The movie has really good visuals and atmosphere, but, the music, acting, and script were off.

To start off the concept has been done before, criminals attempt to enter a home to kidnap someone for ransom and things go awry. This movie's take on that idea is pretty good. The surprise in store for the criminals is pretty scary and I gave it a four star rating just for that. There is also a few nude scenes in the movie if you are into it. (I wouldn't let my kids watch it.)

Where the movie falls apart most drastically is the music, none of the music goes with the atmosphere and scenery. The music itself was great but, not with this movie. It was also very loud and annoying in contrast to the volume level of the rest of the movie. I took off three stars for the music alone.

The last three stars I took off were for the plot that was everywhere and seemed directionless. The actors and their lines were way too melodramatic to the point that the movie seemed like it was a horror movie trying poorly to be a comedy.

I could not in good conscience recommend renting this movie from Amazon like I did. I feel like it was money wasted on a movie that wasn't properly edited. This could have been a dang good movie with a bit more editing.

Reviewed by shawnblackman 6 /10

A bloody Good Time

This horror has a group of thugs breaking into a mansion with the sole purpose of kidnapping a mobster's daughter and then demand 40 million as ransom. Once inside they get locked in tight and find out the daughter is a vampire.

Even those the premise is getting stale this one was good. One thing did suck though. I thought it was awesome Vinnie Jones was in it but then he was the first to go! The dialogue is crisp and well written and the action was non stop. There is all kinds of little twists and turns in the plot which kept it interesting. I loved the ending as well. If you liked From Dusk Till Dawn you'll like this one.

Reviewed by tmccull52 2 /10

Did Trap

This is absolutely one of the worst vampire movies that I have ever seen. The premise is that six criminal types are hired to break into a mansion and kidnap a young woman. Within moments of breaking in, things start going wrong. People that may choose to watch the movie because Vinnie Jones is in it, don't bother. He's in the movie for all of 15 minutes or so, and he's the first one to die. Considering how badly this movie sucked, that's a good break for Mr. Jones.

As it turns out, the young woman that was to be kidnapped is a heroin-addicted vampire. Yes, you read that correctly; a heroin-addicted vampire. I really didn't think that anyone could top the silver glitter vampires of the farcical "Twilight" films, but someone found a way. You see, supernatural creatures, unaffected by bullets or conventional forms of injury, are apparently susceptible to narcotics, accordimg to this epic piece of trash. The heroin curbs the vampire's blood thirst in this film.

As if this isn't absolutely idiotic enough, we're treated to an entire nursery of 28 vampire infants, one of which attacks three of the male leads in this movie.

If you still want to see this movie, despite the heroin-addicted vampire and the nursery of vampire infants, please seek the counsel of a qualified mental health professional immediately. I'm generally a fan of vampire movies, and there aren't many that I don't like, however cheesy or how low the budget, but this one is absolutely horrible.

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