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My Uncle Is the Green River Killer


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The family of Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer, brings to light some of the information on the family's end during the trial and searching of the Green River Killer. Gary's family tells their side of the story, and even confront a victim's sister. —Anonymous


Rob Dorfmann

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Reviewed by billsoccer N/A

Fascinating insights into a malevolent mind

This documentary shows a lot of information surrounding the man who killed scores of women in the late 20th century. Its perspective is from the various women in Gary Ridgeway's life. He completely fooled his entire family while on his killing spree. He ate dinners, went on camping trips, etc. while killing 30-70 women. Even he can't recall! The women eventually interview him. These discussions, and outtakes from his trial and sentencing are fascinating if - like me - you find the various workings of the human mind fascinating! For those not on the West Coast, the movie provides details of a case that gripped the nation at the time.

Reviewed by scottsmess 10 /10

Captures the Human Tragedy Behind Serial Killings

Differing from many documentaries about the crimes of serial killers, this film dives into the experience of a family who for decades lives unsuspectingly with one of the worst sociopaths in US History, as well as the angst and frustration of those who tried to identify who he was. A spouse, a son, in-laws, nieces, nephews, grandparents sit next to him as Holidays and years fly until the shock and outrage ensues after the day he is arrested and then eventually confesses. This account shows first-hand, the human side of the victims of mass killers, as well as the killer's family and how they try to comes to terms in their search to make sense of the unthinkable.

Reviewed by amgee-89551 3 /10

Could of been better!

I thought the documentary was ok nothing special. I thought it could of been better. Sucks that they don't get a face to face interview with Gary Ridgway. It's a one time watch for me. 3/10 I did learn some new things about the case. I didn't know that Gary used to kill kids as well. Gary is more evil than Ted Bundy and Charlie Manson.

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