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Caged Women


Action / Adventure



A bunch of delinquent women are shipped to an island prison run by the sadistic warden Carla. Forced into situations of sexual perversion and violence and torture, the prisoners band together to try to overthrow Carla and escape the island.


Erwin C. Dietrich


Karine Gambier
as Carla, the Warden
Eric Falk
as The Male Warden
Will Stoer
as The President
Claudia Fielers
as Linda (archive footage)

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jvanderkammer 8 /10

What can I say?

Put them all together: Erwin Dietrich behind the camera, Brigitte Lahaie and a whole bunch of gorgeous, very naked women in front of the camera, keep the nudity and hot scenes going from beginning to end, and you've got a winner. Storyline?... who cares! Okay, okay... a bunch of beautiful girls are kidnapped from a bordello by a paramilitary force (yikes!) and taken to a deserted island to be held as sex slaves. That's the bad news. The good news is they don't suffer much at all, and they are nude most of the time. Basically the same cast from "Come Play With Me" (another wonderful Erwin Dietrich romp) with a bunch of welcomed additions. Fans of '70s Euro sleaze will definitely enjoy this one.

Reviewed by wildpeace10 9 /10

One of the best women in prison films ever!!!

i'm very surprised of the low average rating that this film is getting.

i've seem many disappointing exploitation films(dark lighting, excessive gore,dull story,lack of good looking girls and lack of full frontal nudity) but this one really stands apart. it has beautiful girls,good locations, scenes well lit and an interesting story.

it has constant nudity and it doesn't shy away from full frontal like so many other films seem to do just to attract a different market.Of course,it's not perfect. But what films are? The fight between a naked man and a woman (she easily wins)isn't very credible. Another scene were there's a grenade and smoke isn't credible as the grenade looks like a plastic green lemon and the explosion(if you can call it that!) looks like a cloud of smoke.

There's also a scene where a girl kills a doctor with a steel instrument. First of all,it's doubtful it would have killed him and it makes the girl look bad(a knock on the head would still have done the trick)since the doctor was not established as a very evil character after all.

But there's so much that's good about this film,that those are little imperfections that can be easily forgotten.

This review is the one of the 2006 uncut PAL widescreen special edition titled CAGED WOMEN which comes with an xxx stars bonus.

The xxx stars bonus is clips of really bad porn so if you can find a DVD cheaper without the bonus,go for that one.

Reviewed by John_Mclaren 9 /10

Magnificent addition ot the genre

Clearly in the top 3 of all WIP flicks, my main addiction to this 80 minutes of celluoid is born of seeing Brigitte Lahaie and a bevy of other beauties parading around naked in bright daylight. "Gefangene Frauen" (Caged Women) is one of Dietrich's finest softcore achievements. He has taken the WIP genre and added a twist of his own.

The girls are kidnapped from a brothel and taken to an island prison. There they undertake a modest degree of insubordinate behaviour which triggers obligatory punishment. This consists of having to strip and walk around naked in the prison for the rest of the film. And what can you say against that? What with nude wrestling, nude whipping and a nude escape project, it's all a go-go.

Sure the acting is weak and the plot rattles, but that is not what we are here for. It delivers what it says on the tin. Big time.

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