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Mister America follows Heidecker's attempt to enter the world of politics. After beating a murder charge for selling faulty e-cigarettes at an EDM festival, Tim seeks revenge by running a campaign to unseat the San Bernardino District Attorney. Fueled by ego and ignorance, he tries to surmount a lack of experience, funds and likability by personally connecting with unsuspecting constituents. It does not go well.


Eric Notarnicola


Tim Heidecker
as Tim Heidecker
Gregg Turkington
as Gregg Turkington
Terri Parks
as Toni Newman

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ernestsavesxmas 7 /10

A difficult critique

It feels odd giving this a lukewarm review. This is actually an incredibly difficult film to critique because one feels forced to look at it from perspective of the fan as well as the outsider. And there doesn't seem to be any "casual" fans of the On Cinema at the Cinema Universe, a network of media and shows that is so deep and winding at this point, it would be futile to attempt to explain in the confines of something like this beyond saying "it's a spoof of Siskel and Ebert" (and even that feels like too much and too little).

Personally, as someone who's consumed every second of the endless nonsense that is On Cinema etc., this felt a little flat to me, like they finally drove a joke into the ground beyond recognition. Perhaps, the restraints of the mockumentary format, which beckons for legitimization by attempting to unpack that aforementioned extended universe, a seemingly impossible task for the uninitiated and redundant for the believers. That isn't to say this isn't an enjoyable film. It has some great moments and any extra time spent in the world of these characters is never a waste. Especially Gregg, who--in perhaps a setting as far removed from Movieland as ever--still brings it back to his VHS tapes and popcorn classics, imploring the filmmakers to study the 1976 Disney flick The Shaggy D.A. to better understand what's happening with Tim (but to make sure to return the cassette when they're done). It's great.

Mister America also provides closure for the best thread On Cinema has ever stitched: The Trial. And maybe that's also where it suffers. The Trial was such a special landmark; it might never be topped. But the one thing we know is that Tim and Greg and company are always gonna try. By any means (or medium) necessary.

Reviewed by hal1002 10 /10

A portrait of psychological pathology

This film is a part of the "On Cinema at the Cinema" universe (podcast, Adult Swim series, many spin-offs), but it holds its own even without the background stories. (For those interested, there is a primer called "Road to Mister America - 10 Minute History of On Cinema" on YouTube.)

The mock documentary covers a run by Tim Heidecker (in character) for the office of D.A. in a small town, almost entirely for the purpose of taking down the D.A. who attempted to prosecute him for murder, for which he was let off by a hung jury.

The genius of this film is the exquisitely drawn portraits of characters drowning in their neuroses. In the case of the two stars, Heidecker is the overt narcissist (we are talking textbook), Gregg Turkington the almost-sweet covert narcissist-cum-middle-age-incel. Like all great comedic portraits of psychological pathology (Eric Cartman, the Bluth family, Fleabag) the performers thread the needle that has the audience not only wanting to hang out with these guys, but feeling great affection for them despite the awfulness of it all. Terri Parks, as Toni Newman, fits right in as she matches the subtle awkwardness of Heidecker and Turkington's fumbling human interactions that make up much of the humor.

Like "Nathan For You" and "Between Two Ferns," series that also ultimately produced great movie-length projects, this is small-scale, ultra-human humor, and if you don't recognize these characters all around you or see them in yourself (I myself am part Gregg), the humor may zip over your head. Shout-out to the movie critics they are lambasting!

Reviewed by cartsghammond 10 /10

A delight

Tim has created something special here, something witty and hilarious. Mister America is a laugh out loud comedy with a purpose. The genius improvisation by Tim while interacting with real people is the shining star of this film, but the amazing story pulls it together to be a movie worth everyone's time. Even people who weren't Heidecker fans before could very much enjoy this film. It feels real, and I applaud everyone who worked on it.

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