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Cobby: The Other Side of Cute





This documentary explores Cobby's Hobbies, a 1960's childrens TV program featuring Cobby, a chimpanzee which becomes the catalyst for the film. We meet people that made the show, zoo friends, zoo keepers and animal rights activists that piece together a story of an animal that was stolen from his natural habitat to work on TV before being retired into the San Francisco zoo at age 7. Cobby had it lucky - most chimps in entertainment suffered horrifically, becoming research animals or caged in roadside zoos. This documentary examines how we perceive animals in entertainment and how we address their plight now.


Michael Vale


as Himself
Donna McRae
as Herself

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dandpoag 10 /10

Cobby - the other side of cute

A very well documented story of the life of Cobby, the fun, the family, the hardship, the trauma, and finally his peace..

Reviewed by kimwa 10 /10

The past is a foreign country...

The filmmakers' attempt to rekindle nostalgic memories quickly become something deeper and darker. A touching and important doco.

Reviewed by backrubbed 10 /10

Honouring a childhood hero

Wishing to find her childhood TV "friend", filmmaker Donna McRae travels to the other side of the world. She not only finds him, but also learns the truths of animal entertainment in Hollywood and the accompanying uses scientists make of them in universities and at NASA, along the way. It is a joyful documentary in honouring Cobby, but the dark underbelly of such cuteness exposes another side of what has been presented to children as entertainment. This documentary was mostly made with public funding, on a shoestring budget, but the love and honesty within the documentary is priceless.

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