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Drama / Horror / Mystery



This summer, visionary filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan unveils a chilling, mysterious new thriller about a family on a tropical holiday who discover that the secluded beach where they are relaxing for a few hours is somehow causing them to age rapidly - reducing their entire lives into a single day. —Universal Pictures


M. Night Shyamalan


Rufus Sewell
as Charles
Alex Wolff
as Trent Aged 15
Thomasin McKenzie
as Maddox Aged 16
Abbey Lee
as Chrystal

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mrjeffmoore 4 /10

Interesting premise, poorly executed.

This movie will definitely be polarizing. I find myself on the "meh" side of this movie. It was interesting and somewhat original, but as it progressed I found myself giggling and sometimes donwright laughing instead of feeling scared or intrigued in any way. I'm not sure if he intended this movie to be funny, but some of it was just silly. Some of the acting was pretty bad and over the top, and the ending was a huge letdown. It was not horrible, but I wouldn't watch it again. I mean, I've even rewathed The Village and Signs, and lots of people hated those. This one is definitely a one and done.

Reviewed by edjehunter 5 /10

a question that keeps bothering me, does anyone have an answer?

The movie isn't great although it has some nice tension that builds. My questions is: Why also let families bring their kids to that beach?

I mean I get the medical premise, but why include so many people that don't have an illness.

The movie's answer would probably be: then there are no witnesses. But that doesn't make sense on so many levels. Why allow kids in the resort at all? If you don't, you're sure that you don't unnecesarily kill people, which would be the somewhat more ethical thing to do.

If families keep going to this resort and dissapearing, number 73 this was. Like don't those families have more family that go searching for them when their missing, people they've told about going to this resort. Like, there was an Aunt that was picking up the kids. I just don't get why these scientist would allow these extra deaths, when they are completely unneeded. I know, weird gripe to have with this movie, but if the idea is we have a group of scientist that is all about saving lives, than this just doesn't fit anymore and to me, it breaks the movie.

Reviewed by gonzalezarria N/A

I really wish I could give negative stars...

One of the worst films I have watched in recent years. It has a very good concept, but it was just overwhelming overshadowed by horrible acting and a very lousy script.

I usually never write reviews, but this film forced me to write this as a warning message: please don't watch it.

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